President General Ezumezu Okigwe's New Year Message


President General Ezumezu Okigwe, Chief (Dr) Bathram Uwandu, Ksc facilitates with members of Ezumezu.

 A statement on his official handles says;

"Thanking God Almighty for sparing our lives and keeping us and families  through it all.

"At the end of a successful year with so much uncertainties and global crisis ever known to mankind,New Year is the new beginning of new ventures, new hope and new projects.
Let’s continue to see success as we did this year.

Let’s prepare for this New Year with positivity and glee while on  festive break with friends and family.

The work we have done so far is rated superbly. Which is why we want to thank you so deeply our Elders,Executives and Members of EZUMEZU Okigwe Inc.Together, let’s create a better working environment as we move forward on fulfilling the common agenda for a greater Okigwe zone.
EZUMEZU  Okigwe is proud of you!
Have a Wonderful Happy New Year!

A resounding amen to all the prayers on our platform.IT IS WELL WITH US ALL.

Sir.Bathram Uwandu.
President General Ezumezu Okigwe Inc.


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