New Year Message by Pst Emmanuel Itua


New Year Message by

Pst Emmanuel Itua of First Love Assembly


Thank God for His mercies, faithfulness, goodness. He kept us by His mercies. We still need His mercy cover this year. Let the mercy of God cover every dimension of our lives this year. Let your mercy speak over us this year. 


Stay with God. The secret is in the secret place. Heb 13:5. The boldness of your declaration this month is in alignment with your consciousness that God is with you. Ps 23 is the assurance that God is with us. 

Begin this journey this year with the awareness of divine presence. Be ready to walk with God. 

Every new year is an opportunity for you to be better. May a better you emerge. Let there be an improvement on you this year. 

Every man has a season and welcoming a new year is an opportunity for another season for visitation. Luke 1:68,69,78. 

Luke 19:41-44. Nothing is as bad as spiritual ignorance. Spiritual intelligence is a necessity in the days we are in. Luke 4:16-21 God's visitation was before them but they did not recognize it. 

Why they were not able to identify God's visitation:

1. Ignorance. Spiritual ignorance. Ignorance responds to information,to truth. Be duly informed. Those who hate knowledge cannot excel. May you not miss your visitation. The visitation may be in a person or in a place. 

2. Distraction. Luke 10:40-42. What you offer God doesn't matter to Him as much as your attention,your time. Know what God wants from you and do it. 

3. Luke 19:42, Luke 24:16-21. Their expectations was wrong therefore their perception was wrong. Whenever your expectation is wrong,your perception will be wrong. Their heart was veiled. It's time to trust God to have correct vision and the right heart. If your eyes will open this year,it will hinge on how ready you are to tarry with Him. The grace you despise cannot lift you. You must be ready to abide in His presence. 

4. Prejudice. Prejudice is an irrational attitude towards a person or thing. Formed an opinion on something you know not about and hindering things towards oneself. 

The anointing you don't respect cannot lift you. They couldn't receive His ministry because they couldn't accept his person. If you fight to take authority,you won't get the grace. 

Be intentional about the people around you this year. 

To make progress this year, Learn to recognize God's visitation. 

What you caused by character default,you cannot correct by prayer. 


1. I will not miss my season of visitation in the name of Jesus. My season of visitation that may be in a person or place,I will not miss it. Lord Jesus,help me. Show me mercy Lord. 

2. Lord give me grace to be intentional. Be intentional about everything this year. Help me to deliberately do the things that are needful. 

3. Lord give me revelation knowledge. Open my eyes this year to see things accurately this year. Help me to know You more Lord.