How Angels Can Help You Avoid Unpleasant Situations by Ob Fado

 Q. How do angels help you to avoid unpleasant situations?

I wanted to share with you three ways angels protect you and your loved ones.

Let's be clear! Angels can not protect you from physical danger, but they will do everything they can to let you know about certain things to get your attention.

1. Angels will vibrationally resonate on the level of feelings.

They will provide you with a certain feeling or an emotion. You may feel restless or unsettled. Sometimes you just can't find peace about a certain situation in your life. Maybe it's a relationship. Maybe it's a decision that you need to make that just somehow doesn't sit right with you. Pay attention to your feelings, and ask for guidance.

2. Appearance of obstacles. When obstacles happen, it's important not to think of them as punishments or something negative. Maybe it's time for you to slow down. Maybe you are moving too fast. Obstacles are the ways to bring you to the present moment.

Say, you have to leave your house, but you cannot find your keys.  Now, you're looking for your keys. You're fully present. You're not in the future and you're not in your past. You are here and now, so this is a way for angels to communicate a message to you, to protect you, to give you a safe space for some situation to happen.

When you're working with angels and if you experience obstacles, it's only for the reason to help you and to protect you.

3.  Angels will be showing you certain symbols, such as numbers, images, and physical signs.

For instance,  you have been asking for the protection of Archangel Michael. His signs are the sword, or a cross or a star. You will soon begin to notice images of Michael, name "Michael" or stars and swords. That's the feedback from angels, that you are being looked after and protected.

May you always be guided and protected!!!

Stay blessed!!!