Dr Michael Igwe Reaches Out To Widows and Less Privileged Through Eagles Network International

 Arise Africa Achievers Award Winner; Dr  Michael Igwe  Reaches Out To Widows and Less Privileged Through Eagles Network International Foundation During Christmas

You can recall that  July 2020, he bagged prestigious "African Impact Award" at Arise Africa Achievers Award.

He is a man well known to for his humanitarian and philanthropic works.

According to the Nigerian, US based Medical Doctor and Founder of Eagles Network International the Eagle Network International OUTREACH 2020 was outstandingly successful way beyond all imagination. 

After the successful program he tweeted on his social media handle.

He said;

"On board my flight heading back to the US after the outreach, I looked through the pictures singing the songs I sang with the women as I led them in worship at the event.

Making it to this outreach was a miracle and I am glad I joined my team.  I cried, smiled, laughed, sang, danced, sweated, struggled to keep my mask on with the heat but was sure I was at the right place at the right time. The women, men and children that came were smiling even with what they were going through. They received our services with thanks and prayed for us."

"So many amazing things happened. We saw more people than we anticipated. We made sure that more than 500 women and families had something to eat for Christmas. The dental team did all manner of procedures. The eye team treated many eye conditions and gave out hundreds of glasses. We administered hundreds of intraarticular knee injections for arthritis and the women said this was "magic" as they felt the relief in hours. One of the women followed me after the event dancing. Our doctors worked nonstop seeing as many patients as possible. The pharmacy was bubbling as the people came for their medications. The wonderful nurses and volunteers worked with all their might and heart. My favorite part was leading the women in worship......we sang and danced in praise to God"

How do I even start thanking the AMAZING team we have at EAGLES NETWORK INTERNATIONAL?. The team in Africa worked with the US team in logistics to deliver this and i am grateful to every member. I thank my colleagues at work in the US who took some of my shifts in the COVID-ICU so i can go to Nigeria and serve at the outreach (and yes...i tested negative before coming..lol). I am grateful to EVERYONE who was a part of this. I am proud of all the unit leads. You are the BEST. You are making an IMPACT and this vision is GROWING. 

I am thankful to those who have reached out to us to support and partner with us. The need is huge but WE CAN DO THIS. 2021 outreach will be way better than this. 

The vision of EAGLES NETWORK was laid in my heart during my first year in medical school and I have seen it GROW. In the near future I see mobile operating suites, mobile intensive care units, mobile pharmacies and telemedicine at its best to serve the unreached, poor, vulnerable and less privileged ones in our midst. I see transitional apartments for the homeless. I see rehabilitation centers and empowerment programs for the youth. The assignment is clear...REACHING OUT IN EXCELLENCE

OUTREACH 2021...Loading!!!. God bless you all." He stated



  1. Wow, God bless you Dr. Michael Igwe for putting smiles on the face of windows


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