CEO of Paragon Nigerian Harps on Boosting Entertainment Industry In Abia State

 A Call  to Boost Entertainment Industry/Sector  in Abia State (God's own State)

 By Comr. Rotr. Nwachukwu Christian Chibuikem, CEO of Paragon Nigerians Talent (PNT).

 Entertainment in Abia needs reawakening, motivation of capable hands and professionals.

Abia is blessed with lots of talents ,skills, ambitious youths with different socio-developmental oriented concepts. 

It's so  worrisome that the Entertainment Industry in the state has been weak, decayed and lacks functionality, Abia state has thousands of talented artists, actors , actresses, models and other related entertainers in the state, but  due to lack of proper research, enumeration, identification, activities and  recognitions , it looks as if nothing is happening in the state on the areas of Entertainment.

 Entertainment  is not an Office work but  field oriented duty which researches to identify talented and upcoming entertainers to build and encourage their well decorated talents and skills given to them by God.

 It gives me sleepless nights thinking why  the Advisers in the Entertainment sector of the state government chose to turn Entertainment into Office job than filed action. Since I joined the Entertainment industry, I found out that Abia State has skilled and talented entertainers in the State, but the *'Advisory  appointees* ' are not really showing the zeal, commitment and impact in boosting the image of Entertainment in the State . 

Following my experiences and commitments in the talents' and skills' Development Programs  in the State and beyond , I can attest that the State  need capable hands, with  professional  experience to play the Entertainment advisory key  roles and assist in the State government entertainment unit. 

This will help reform, reorient and rebuild the Entertainment  industries in the State. 

If I am given the opportunity to advise, assist on  Entertainment with the state government , I will definitely  bring it to an enviable standard, it will boost the name of our dear  State. 

 We have Governor who loves Entertainment , talents and skill Development cum youth Empowerment and Orientation.

Entertainment should be one of the  sectors that should be given a concentrated attention, to enable us identify , harnest and encourage youths Talents and skills.

 *Appointment of (SA, SSA) Entertainments  shouldn't be done like other Political* *appointments,* it should be critically on *professionalism* , *experienced* and *commitments* because it is connected to human capacity Development, talents and skills which is very important in our society today. 

I call on all entertainers in Abia state to keep their talents and skills alive, improve and develop more in their various areas of Entertainment. We all should come together for State wide talent  orientation programs that can be able to identify all talented   entertainers and upcoming ones that will enable us achieve standard in Entertainment industries. 

 Since I joined Entertainment industry my agency has  been able  to identify not less than (300 )youths who were ready, willing  to be skilful with their talents , we were able to set standard platforms for them to climb , today most of them are stars in various Entertainment industries, we cannot relent in continuing to encourage youths through Entertainment .

 So I call on the (SA, SSA) Entertainments to the governor of Abia State  to see their Offices  as a lucrative one for the benefit of  entire  State. Entertainment is not an office work but an active filed oriented work.

 We must  keep Supporting the State government with our talents ,skills and knowledge.

We are Abians , lets think home ,join hands and  let's make our State a better place for all.


Comr. Rotr. Nwachukwu Christian Chibuikem, CEO of Paragon Nigerians Talent.