Nigeria Wake Up And Fight For Your Future Now - Arise Afrika Boss

Founder of Arise Africa Network, Ikechukwu Anyanwu has urged Nigerian youths to wake up and fight for their future

Recall that the leadership blogger and Publisher of Arise Africa has been a strong advocate for a reawakening, synergy amongst the youths in solidarity to the #EndSARS Campaign that has gone nation wide

In a statement on his social media handle, he said;

Imo Youths Are Not Left Out During The Ongoing Peaceful Protest Against Police Brutality. 

"Peaceful protest is our right! ✊

So we the youths are marching on despite announcement by the Inspector General of Police that SARS has been dissolved."

"Imo youths is storming the street of Owerri protesting. And our message is very clear.

We are demanding an end to police brutality, reckless officers should be prosecuted immediately, end to the terror being unleashed daily on innocent civilians, an end to corrupt and sharp practices by law enforcement agencies especially those who are charged with the duties of safe guarding and protecting us, end underpayment to security personnels etc"

He further said:

"Our  #EndSARs protest is not an endorsement for  YAHOO YAHOO boys, armed robbers and criminals."

"We condem all forms of Criminality. Illegality cannot begat legality. We are advocating a total Reform of Nigerian Police Force. Let Government do the needful by fishing out the bad eggs amongst them and sanitize the system "

"We urge all the youths who are involved in cybercrime to repent.

 There is no GAIN. It's all pain. The Scripture says;

"There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end therefore is destruction.." 

My name is Ikechukwu Anyanwu and I ensorse this post!!