Mission Africa is taking a leading role in shaping the future of our global world by investing in high school students to make a positive difference.

The students selected have proven to be serious about learning in school and by making good choices. These students know that education is never free: it requires their time and effort to meet the academic and social challenges faced in receiving an education.

In the geographical areas where our education work is focused in Nigeria, there is no free education at any level.

A child’s ability to go and stay in school is 100% dependent on the family’s ability to pay. In the village of Amaokwe Item in the Bende local government area of Abia State, Nigeria, where 30 of our 50 students come from, only 55% of children are able to attend school and, in the village of Ovim in the Isiukwuato local government area of Abia State, Nigeria, where 20 of our 50 students come from, only 52% of children are able to attend school.

Our 6-year full scholarships to 50 students has a significant impact in those small communities and Mission Africa is not aware of similar projects or agencies doing the same work.

Without our Scholarship Program there, the 50 students in our 2019/2020 cohort would have to drop out of school.

The families we serve in these villages are part of the 62% of the Nigerian population living on less than $1.25 per day. With 5. average number of children per family, high level of poverty and high cost of education per child, parents are made to choose which of the children to send to school – boy child or girl child?

Mission Africa has established a trusted system where the village Chiefs work directly with Mission Africa volunteers to pay the fees and distribute books/supplies to scholarship recipients and our Executive Director travels to Nigeria every year to meet with the Chiefs, School Principals, Parents and Students to assess and monitor progress.

Your sponsorship support will enable us to continue our Scholarship Program, opening up educational opportunities for these deserving children and families.

Thank you for helping one of these children finish High school.

Your donation of $360 will pay for a student’s tuition, two school uniforms and school supplies for one year. We are truly grateful for the sponsorship from kind-hearted individuals like you and like-minded organizations.

Mission Africa appreciate your continual support.

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