Mission Africa is changing lives one village at a time.

We herald another wonderful  program of Mission AFRICA -  Smiles at Christmas

Christmas represents a season of love and abundance. Smiling children receive gifts from Santa Claus.

Smiles at Christmas

Parents feel proud as they bring joy to their children. But for thousands of families who can’t afford the expected 794 dollars consumers will spend on average buying Christmas presents during the holidays, it can be a season of stress, panic, and dread.

“Smiles at Christmas” is an expression of love to those parents for whom Christmas would have brought sadness. “We believe that every child deserves a smile at Christmas”, says Ndudi Chuku, Executive Director Mission Africa.

Every Christmas, Mission Africa organizes an event called “Smiles at Christmas” to benefit poor families in the Renton, Kent, Auburn, Federal Way communities of Washington State.

Parents and/or guardians bring their children to the event, and each child is given donated items such as warm coats, games, clothing, and toys.

Children are entertained with party jumpers, face painting, craft making, cotton candy, popcorn etc. during this event, while their parents or guardians “shop.” The gifts are then packaged so the parents can bring them home without their children knowing the contents.

Mission Africa's approach at this event gives parents the opportunity to provide for their children with dignity and we have given away over 30,000 toys/ warm coats to children and families in the South King County communities of WA State, in the past 14 years

Wow! What a wonderful surprise and joy Mission Africa brings to our homes.

I am looking forward to Smile At Christmas 2020