The Publisher of Arise Africa Magazine, Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu has called for more donations towards Back To School Project

Back To School Project is geared towards helping Children in School to Succed.

Speaking today on Arise Africa social media handles, he siad

"Most kids in Africa live in extreme poverty and arrive  school without the supplies they need to learn. 

Back To School Project of Arise Africa   is founded on the need to provide much needed supplies to poor pupils and students, thereby enabling them to better prepare for the academic challenges they would face in school and more also to help deepen the value of education in the lives of these kids.

He averred that,  Arise Africa is giving back to our community through Back 2 SCHOOL Project and calls on well meaning Nigerians to also support the project

It is recognized that children can never reach their full potential in school if they lack the necessary tools to learn. Join the drive to encourage learning among kids. Provide any school supply i.e Pencil s, Erasers, Crayons Biro, Books etc

We are counting on your generosity as we make it happen for our children, our pride and our joy!! 

Kindly send us your support via:1015290631


Zenith Bank

We call on all our partners,  friends  to support this initiative.  Thanks as we make it happen!"

Arise  Africa Network has been providing children with enough educational materials for learning.

We have  been empowering young minds for the future through our various Free skill acquisition trainings, mentorship program and Educational programs

Arise Africa has awarded  financial scholarships to underprivileged high school students in the villages of Nigeria, Monrovia Liberia and Ghana.  

The scholarship covers  full year cost of tuition, 2 school uniforms, Text Books, Exercise Books and other school supplies.

Arise Africa has donated approximately hundred thousand books to countries in Africa and hope to do more through the collaborative supports of our partners

In most African countries, schools must have approved libraries to be accredited for their national high school diploma exams.  Arise Africa accepts donations of books from libraries, organizations and individuals for students in Africa who have no books. 

These books are shared by Arise Africa volunteers during our tours to these schools in Africa. The books, school bags, lockers, sandals etc are  donated during the visit.