Give Me This Mountain By Bro Emma Okorie


Bro Emma Okorie ... Ministering

Topic : Give Me This Mountain

Text : Josh 14:6-14 (KJV)

- Sense knowledge versus revelation knowledge.

- Many people operate with sense knowledge, though they have been Christians for long.

- You started well with revelation knowledge and ended with sense knowledge.

- We are all brethren, but all of us don’t use the same kind of sense to operate.

- Sense knowledge says what man says, but revelation knowledge says what God says.

- The problem is that you compare yourself with the situation.  The revelation knowledge compares the situation with God.

- Revelation knowledge is ageless.  Sense knowledge will tell you to retire.  It will tell you to buy a rocky chair to rock yourself.

- Old preachers don’t retire and die, they bliss away.

- Revelation knowledge is looking for a dangerous place to conquer.

- An exposition of the way faith works. Josh 14:6-14 (KJV)

Caleb was an 85 years old warrior.  One of the greatest men of faith in the Old Testament.  At the age of 85 he was still looking for something to conquer  - an enemy to destroy

- Only two men out of the entire spies had faith. 

- As long as you have this type of faith these men had, you will make it.

- When your faith is alive, you can move mountains.

- How pretty difficult it was to get 12 men to agree on one thing, 2 agreed but the multitude came with evil reports.

- It is interesting to note that  from 40 years to 45 years Caleb was brooding for this miracle.  You see a diligent operation.  45 years he was wandering in the wilderness with those unbelievers.  They thought Caleb was with them, be he was different wholly following the Lord and brooding this miracle.

- For 45 years in had his eyes fixed on Hebron.

- You can set your age back by what you do. 

- God did not tell them to check the land but to conquer the enemies and possess the land.

- Sense- knowledge- spies came back intimidated,  looking at the giant and the wall , their heart sunk. Num 13:25-33 (KJV)

 - Looking at the storm and the wave will get you drowned.    

    Matt 14:25-32 (KJV)

- You are assimilated by what you look at. 2 Cor 3:18  (NLT)

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