I wish to commend my brothers,Ndi Ehime Mbano,Ihitte Uboma,Obowo Federal Constituency, for your peaceful conduct since the #ENDSARS/ #POLICE-BRUTALITY protests.

You have made bold the demands,you have shown great concern against police brutality, and have remained resolute to a fair and better Nigeria.Presently all nooks and cranny of Nigeria have heard our voices and the Government have been spiked to commitment to including reforms and welfare.

We have also had the sad part of this agitations and demands.My condolence to Families that lost  loved ones in the protests,and my sympathy to many of our people in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt,Aba and other places whose businesses have been affected,one way or the other.

It became imperative  to continue lending our voices to make a positive  impact against Man's inhumanity to man, violence in almost every part of the country, and non inclusive governance in our nation. Indeed it is a collective responsibility  and I am glad we spoke out for a positive change.


I have already initiated an intervention for financial grants to support the affected businesses, traders and artisans in the constituency during the pandemic,but now i will make a provision to expand such gestures like my educational support of our youths(which includes the free WAEC registration for indigent pupils,presently in it's 7th year),Youth empowerment as well as financial grants for viable business proposals in the Constituency.

While the Government is responding to our demands there is an urgent need for you,Umunnem to retreat henceforth and give peace a chance and also reject further agitations,especially within the Communities in our Constituency to avoid actions that could cause harm to one another.

Some Divisional Police offices have been burnt or vandalised in some parts of the state, also some security personnels have allegedly been killed,though not in our constituency. 

I am sure that was not the intention of Youths in those areas when they hit the streets,but some unscrupulous elements may have infiltrated them,and  caused the mayhem.

We must avoid this in Ehime Mbano,Ihitte Uboma and Obowo.I greatly seek your indulgence Umunnem.

We MUST not give people who do not mean well the chance to use us to perpetrate violence.

We dont want further deaths, "Lekwe ebe Useh, lekwe ebe Osa,Umunnem"

We cannot forget in a hurry the event that took place some years ago in Obowo that led to the killing of some police officers,and that of last year over police brutality that led to the death of that young man in Umuokeh,and the attendant consequences,and as such Umunnem,(aha anyi adighi nma na nkporo oghighi ).

We must study our terrain very well and understand the historical hindsight and give peace a chance.

Let us not engage in any acts that may lead to killings and wanton destruction of properties,public or private,and as the President said in his address last night, "Your voice has been heard, loud and clear and we are responding."

With this assurance from the President, I will like to restate my appeal to you, to suspend any planned or on-going protests and seek alternative ways to engage the government.


Our points are clear and our grievances have been adequately communicated, we must not allow the gains so far recorded to be lost, we have lost many lives already,again I say lets CALM DOWN."Lele Ariri"

We have to be alive to plan,and to succeed.

I am compelled at this point to call for individual leadership contributions towards educational support of our youths, response against any police abuse, job creation, and Youth empowerment/development.

I have already instructed a quick response desk in my Constituency office for our people to report any police brutality or abuse for intervention henceforth.

 Yes,Ndi Ehime Mbano,Ihitte Uboma,Obowo,we are known for speaking out against injustice,and Man inhumanity to Man.

We are very bold,but we are not Violent people.

Lets not start it now.

Thank you, May God Almighty continue to preserve us all Amen.

Hon.Chike John Okafor.

Member Representing Ehime Mbano,Ihitte Uboma,Obowo Federal Constituency.