2023 Presidency: ENPA Group Pays Courtesy Visit To IMC Chairman Ideato South LGA

Eastern Nigerian Peoples Assembly  today affairmed their resolve  to speak with one voice  so as to realize the quest for Igbo Presidency come 2023.

Speaking today during the courtesy visit to IMC Chairman Ideato South, Hon Innocent Ekweariri, the Southeast Coordinator of ENPA shared further on the vision;

The Eastern Nigeria People's Assembly (ENPA) is a non-governmental organization, which aims at ensuring that old Eastern region of Nigeria, which comprise of the South South States and their South East counterparts should speak in one voice, in order to select a candidate who will be acceptable by not just people from the zone, but the Nation at large, that will contest for the number one position in the Country, and possibly grab it. 

"ENPA is here today to seek your collaborative supports. We thank you for your warm reception.

We have also reached out to Nigerians from the Northern and Western Region because  we need each order to realize this vision." 

According to him, "we can not be doing the same thing every time and expect a different result. We believe it is the time for  our people to eschew Political affiliation and work together to ensure that a President of Nigeria from our region will be actualized come 2023.

ENPA believes that Igbos are quite capable of producing credible candidate  who will not only represent our interest, but that of every Nigerian. 

" We appeal to our people from different political groups to key into the group for the betterment of our people and Nigeria at large.

"We are taking the message of ENPA to the grassroots and that is why we are here to appeal to you to key into the ENPA project, "Hon. Inno Ekweariri concluded.


  1. This is exciting development n should be encouraged, the solution is to key into this nobly course of all hands on desk irrespective of party affiliation n with out prejudice to actualise common interest of Ndi Igbo at large n to sustain stability in this Entity called Nigeria.the way out is to ceed Presidency to South East for the first time if Nigerian wants to write the wrong that has been setting the Country back Ward . Innovation is the key to submount critical challenges millitating Nigeria


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