The Force of Integrity By Pst Emmanuel Itua

Pst Emmanuel Itua Ministering on The Force of Integrity at First Love Assembly, Owerri

Text: Col 3:8-11, Matt 22:16,

Integrity is a force. Integrity is what you will do based on your values and character. Integrity is an expression of what you stand for.

How to build the force of integrity in your life. Matt 22:16.
1a. You have the responsibility to put on Christ because He has finished the work. John 11:44. Put off the filthy nature of mankind and put on the new nature in Christ Jesus. Are you in Christ or in church?

The nature has been deposited in us, it is your responsibility to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

1b. Pressure or pleasure will always bring out who you really are. Integrity is of the heart. No excuse should be strong enough to allow you throw your values to the mud.

Lord pressure or pleasure, help me to be true to You. I am a work in progress. Help me to be faithful to You. Help me conform to the new man in me.


  1. Honestly sir,though nature planted on us,no one can really save himself or herself, because it's against nature itself, salvation is of the Lord because He is the spiritual supreme that controls nature, all things are subject to Him,the Lord. Let's just praised Him forever because our salvation is sealed with the blood of the Lamb which is in Christ Jesus for He loves His own and we all belong Him,He is a loving and forgiving Father, our unfaithfulness can't make Him unfaithful, He is forever faithful. Thanks


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