Corporate Profile of IMO OMPAN

What Is OMPAN?

The Acronym OMPAN stands for

Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria.

Imo OMPAN is the body that unites  Online Media Practitioners,  Bloggers , Journalist, Social Media, Broadcasters and Netprenuers in Imo State.

Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigerian (OMPAN) have Chapters in almost every state in Nigeria, including  affiliates in other parts of Africa.

Operating in Nigeria’s hugely popular media market, IMO OMPAN the organization online news platform is  dedicated to dissemination of news.

Imo OMPAN was established 2 years ago with the aim of cultivating and upholding the highest ideals in reporting the news with objectivity and fairness, as well as satisfying the right of the individual to be informed.


Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria,  ( OMPAN ) has continued to draw inspiration from the provision of Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria and independence of the media to purse the following aims and objectives;

1. Promote Professionalism and highest journalistic standards while disseminating news

2. Promote and strengthen the contribution of the Association and its members to democracy and good governance

3. Protect and strengthen the rights of members

4. Respect and defend freedom of expression, pluralism of the media and universal access to information

 5. Put in place mechanisms to co-ordinate actions towards ensuring the safety of members in the performance of their duties

6. Promote good relations with Government, local and international communications institutions, media establishment, governmental and non governmental organizations in furtherance of the Association's objectives

7. Work towards improving the conditions of service of members

8. Promote online media accountability and self regulation

9. Strive to provide legal protection and moral support for members where necessary

10. Reward and honour outstanding members periodically

11. Maintain and run the affairs of the Association and

12. Undertake any other activities that promote the interest of Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria, IMO Chapter

~Ikechukwu Anyanwu ~