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Mission Africa Holds Their Virtual Fundraiser, this weekend. The event which is scheduled to hold online comes up on  Saturday 3rd October, 2020 

Time:  11am PST , 2pm EST and 7pm WAT

Mission AFRICA virtual event will feature a keynote speaker, a live auction, special performances and more!

Though attendance is complimentary, your donations will benefit a family who desperately needs access to basic healthcare, a Nigerian scholarship student who needs books and supplies for school, or a local child just looking for a smile this Christmas

Invite will be sent to only those who registers online . Registration is FREE

Introducing  Mission Africa

Mission Africa is a not for profit organization that is changing lives one village at a time.

Mission Africa empowers families in Washington State and in villages in Africa through three focus areas: education, healthcare, & poverty alleviation


Mission Africa provides Nigerian children in remote villages with quality education.

Since 2010 the Mission Africa has awarded a six-year financial scholarship to 50 underprivileged high school students in the villages of Nigeria.  The scholarship covers the full year cost of tuition, 2 school uniforms, school supplies and a backpack. The scholarship winners receive these benefits for 6 consecutive years until they graduate.  Once they graduate a new 50-student scholarship cohort will be selected to receive scholarships.  

Books for Africa

Since 2010, Mission Africa has donated approximately four million books to countries in Africa.

In most African countries, schools must have approved libraries to be accredited for their national high school diploma exams.  Mission Africa accepts donations of books from school districts, libraries, organizations and individuals for students in Africa who have no books. These books are picked up by Mission Africa volunteers, sorted by subjects, inventoried, packed and shipped in 40 feet container loads to Africa. The books are then donated to village schools and libraries.


Health Care Mission Africa provides a free medical outreach in a rural Nigerian village annually. They organize mobile clinics which include education on basic hygiene, proper nutrition, and HIV/AIDS awareness among community members. During the outreaches, they also provide eyeglasses, and prescriptions, treating illnesses from the flu to malaria.

The free medical outreach provided by Mission Africa is used as a platform to also inform villagers about where they can get tested HIV/AIDS and where they can get treated for various ailments. Mission Africa’s medical outreach team, which is primarily volunteer-based,  provides referrals to the nearest rural health clinic.

Health Centers

Mission Africa also realizes the need for rural health clinics within Nigeria. With increased funding, Mission Africa plans to build health clinics in rural areas to meet the need for basic healthcare.


Poverty Alleviation

Business Empowerment Services

Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria Community

Mission Africa helps establish small businesses for responsible adults, providing small business management training and counseling services. They also organize workshops and seminars aimed at better business management, simple book-keeping, raising morale, empowering the people, improving the economy, and reducing poverty.

Vocational Studies   

Mission Africa receives donations of gently used computers from the United States and donates such to schools and undergraduates in Nigeria and other Mission Africa partners as part of their campaign for computer literacy among African youths.

Mission Africa also organizes and sponsors Information Technology conferences in Nigerian Universities.

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