One of the 5 cardinal policies of the Government of Shared Prosperity is an adequate Healthcare system for all Imolites. To this end, Governor Hope Uzodimma has continued to explore ways to match words with action.

Gov. Uzodimma, the Shared Prosperity Governor recieved  the USA medical team led by Professor Uche Nwaneri as they partner with the Imo State Government for relative quality healthcare program to save Imo people.

"Almost 90% of deaths in Imo State are avoidable as there are will be proper medicare facilities, better management of our healthcare centers, discipline,  good conduct of medical staff and the practice will now be the same as the developed nations, " Uzodimma stated.

The Imo State Government, Senator Hope Uzodimma, pointed out the deplorable State of the University Teaching Hospital and his plans to bring the Hospital to a world class standard.

His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma appreciated the visiting USA medical team for their willingness to partner with the Imo State Government and in this time he is the Governor.

Governor Uzodimma expressed his interest to the USA medical team which is to have ONE FUCTIONAL HEALTHCARE CENTER IN EACH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA.

He also added that he has plans to have ONE SPECIALIST HEALTHCARE CENTER IN THE STATE CAPITAL.

His Excellency, the people's and Shared Prosperity Governor assured the USA medical team of his commitment to the project: IMO MEDICARE to actualize it in a matter of months.

The Shared Prosperity Governor pointed out the state of the teaching Hospital, where millions were pumped in, from the record of past Administrations, yet it is over grown by weeds, no IGR from it, payroll fraud, the staff unchallant and unwilling to work, a Hospital with patients yet they cant pay their staff.

"It is not only unethical but unacceptable by me and I hope with your presence in Imo State,  all these ills will be a thing of the past" Uzodimma stated.

Governor Uzodimma enjoined them to go into the teaching Hospitals and be part of the development of the place, helping to change the ethics and conducts that had gone bad.

Governor Uzodimma addressed that soon the management of the teaching Hospital will be changed to create room for people ready to work for the betterment of Imo people.

Earlier, the Commissioner for Health, addressed the USA medical team on the state Medicare plan already Executed by the Shared Prosperity Administration: 

1. 27 Ambulances for all the 27 Local Government Area in the State.

2. A state of the art mobile clinics which have been launched to bring free medicare to the downtrodden of the society.

She further pointed out that the Ministry of Health has made analysis and came up with the solution of Rebranding the healthcare sector in 3 phases which they have aligned the situation report on what the USA medical team are coming to do.