The Imo  State Shared Prosperity Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma has distributed the third round of palliatives given to Imo people, courtesy of the Coalition Against Covid-19 (CA-Covid) at the Imo International Convention Centre (IICC), Owerri.

Items distributed in this third Phase of the programme include: 38,125 cartons of Indomie; 610 cartons of Spaghetti and 305 bags of Sugar, to the 305 Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) wards of Imo State.


It will be recalled that on June 19, 2020, the first distribution of palliatives from CA-COVID comprising 2,135 bags of 50kg Rice; 10,675 bags of 10kg Rice; 35,380 cartons of Spaghetti; 41,785-Bags of Sugar; 2,135 bags of Salt and 12,8010 cartons of Indomie, was carried out.


On July 17, 2020, the second phase of palliatives including: 1,220 bags of 50kg and another 6,100 bags of 10kg rice; 8,0845 cartons of Spaghetti;  4,270 bags of sugar; 40565 cartons of Indomie and 61,6610 bags of Garri was distributed.

Gov. Uzodimma stated that these palliatives were made possible by the partnership which the State Government enjoys with the Government of President Buhari. Further commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his numerous social intervention programmes in Imo State.

"I thank President Buhari for the wonderful partnership with the CA-COVID, aimed at bringing the stimulus package to sustain our people during this period of hardship." Uzodimma 

Gov. Uzodimma also appreciated CA-COVID for coming up with the programme meant to alleviate the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on Nigerians, especially the less privileged and the vulnerable ones and ensuring that the goodies which they sent to other States also got to Imo.

His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma charged the Interim Management Committee (IMC) Chairmen of the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State to strictly comply with the CA-COVID guidelines on the distribution of these relief materials by ensuring that the food palliatives gets to the actual people they are meant for, the vulnerable persons.


He warned against the interference of leaders, political appointees and stakeholders, and urged the IMC Chairmen not to work alone but ensure they work in synergy with the critical stakeholders towards achieving the objective of the distribution.