Children of The Kingdom By Pst Vyne Uchechukwu

 Children’s Service.

Victorious Faith Church, LWM, Owerri.

Ministering: Pst Vyne Uchechukwu 

Topic: Children of the Kingdom 

Text: Gal 3:26


The character of every kingdom emanates from the king, so as children of God, we ought to have the character of God. At the point of receiving Christ, we received power(Holyspirit) to function like God.

Luke 10:19

We have authority to destroy all the powers of the devil. It’s in our place as the children of God to demonstrate supernatural abilities.. Giving the present situation of things in the world, there’s no better time to be proud of our place  in Christ. 

People that demonstrated the supernatural:

1. Elijah: 1kings 18:19-26....the mount Camel experience. The Almighty God was made known in the face of multi- gods.

2.Elijah: 1kings 1:2-16 ; He called down fire on the 50 armies, severally. If we must cause  great revolution in this crooked world, we need to manifest the power of God.

3. Peter: Acts 5:12-25. The Pharisees acknowledged that the apostles performed notable miracles. 

4. Jesus: Mark 4:36-41; Christ in every situation proved that he has authority over nature. 

The power we have produces tangible results; a living reality.

Begin to exercise that power today, it is inside of you.


Lord show up for me every time I call upon you. God prove yourself in every situation.