Arise Afrika Magazine Exclusive Interview with Hon Mrs Nneamaka Okafor,

Arise Afrika Magazine Exclusive Interview with Hon Mrs Nneamaka Okafor, Special Adviser to Executive Governor of Imo State on Electronic & New Media Comes up Wednesday 23rd September 2020 


Mrs Nneamaka Okafor posses over 14 years of journalistic experience in digital media, social media, event coverage, communication and public relations. 

With over 12 years working in the Nigerian Judiciary and Defense desk, possesses the knowledge and skills to operate in the Nigerian political environment. 

She is proficient in gathering and disseminating information using the best platform. 

Adept at managing relationships and creating perceptions. Worked closely with top political and government officials helping to develop excellent diplomacy skills.

She has demonstrated excellent leadership skills by effectively directing activities, providing processes, inspiring action and evaluating performances.

As an entrepreneur, she posses the skills and technical know-how required to develop and lead teams to achieve agreed objectives.

Possesses knowledge of applicable legislation. Consistently hits the ground running in new roles, producing outstanding results within a short period.

Core Competencies and Skills include:

● Relationship Management

● Leadership skills

● Public Relations

● Digital & Social Media

● Journalism

● Linguistics

● Communications

● Interpersonal skills

● Diplomacy

● Strong Negotiation skills

● Presentation and Speaking skills

● Perception Management



Senior Reporter/Internet Marketer

She was responsible for covering the Nigerian Judiciary and Military events. Provides accurate and unbiased news of events in the judiciary and military. Keeps the public interest at heart to ensure that they are well informed and constantly updated. 

Follows the news to wherever it is including war and dangerous zones.

Other responsibilities include:

• Remains updated and keep up with local and global happening.

• Interacts with top political and government officials to schedule and conduct 

interviews with them.

• Writes and edits error-free stories and articles to be broadcasted.

• Stays informed and follow news events and other media sources.

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