How Ikeduru IMC Chairman,Iwuamadi Turns Uzodinma's Covid-19 palliative materials Into Personal Campaign Materials

The IMC Chairman of Ikeduru Local Government Area, Tony Jude Iwuamadi,may be in trouble if what this newspaper gathered are anything to go by.

The council boss has been in the news in recent days for wrong reasons following an alleged conversion of Governor Hope Uzodinmma's Covid-19 palliative materials into his personal campaign materials.

A part of the released obtained by our reporter from some locals in Ikeduru over the weekend reads:

“Recently, the government of  Imo State deployed  trailer loads of palliative aterials to the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State.

"This was intended to cushion  the hunger effects of  the Covid19 post-lockdown phase for  the  good people  of Imo State.

"The record from 26 of the 27 local governments show an indiscriminate distribution of the palliative materials in consonance with Senator Hope’s shared prosperity agenda."

"The case in Ikeduru Local Government however, has been a debacle as  a
desperate IMC, Chairman Tony  Jude Iwuamadi seeking to be elected to the office of the Council Chairman at all cost in  the forthcoming local government elections, allegedly withheld  all the palliatives meant for Ikeduru Council and has refused to distribute them benevolently as intended by the government.

He rather exchanges these materials for promised votes from the beneficiaries
of the selective distribution of these palliatives.

His  practices have not gone down well with the locals who have felt stymied, prompting a robbery attack as thieves had made an attempt to break into the council headquarters warehouse  where he has stashed these items, to cart away the materials. The determined hoodlums"

It was also gathered that In the peak of the Covid-9 pandemic, a philanthropist from Iho Ikeduru, Mr. Chinasa Anthony, donated 200 bags of 50kg rice to the community. 100 was distributed personally by the donor to the women of  Iho Ward and the rest presented to the IMC chairman to distribute. Instead of sharing it to the
masses it was meant for, he  reportedly distributed it to a few leaders whom he believed would be insturmental to his election success."

The release further said;

"The state government appointed a deserving
disabled person, Ekene as an SA to the IMC Chairman  on persons living with disabilities, an appointment that was cleared by the Attorney General of the
State. Mr. Ekene toiled tirelessly during the election campaigns and was duly rewarded by his appointment for his efforts.

However, Tony Jude Iwuamadi adamantly refused to uphold his appointment because of his hate.

All entreaties to Tony Jude to acknowledge Mr. Ekene proved futile until Lady Mrs. Cheryl Amonu escalated the matter to some commissioners of the State at the party house.

Tony Jude then conceded but went ahead to divide
Ekenes mandate with another  appointee of his in a flagrant display of utmost disregard for leadership even in the face of the involvement of the Attorney General of the State.

"Little wonder the fight for women mobilizers has become the order of
the day in Ikeduru.

His proclivity for the absurd, spans to converting one Mrs. IhuomaOkereke,a known female friend of his, into the purveyor of the favours of the Ikeduru women folk to support his political interest in the forthcoming LG Elections.

Just recently, as a result of his unbridled excesses with the
opposite sex with particular reference to his unholy relationship with the woman leader of the council, his wife drove down from Port Harcourt City
and fought him physically. That spectacle was so shaming as he knelt down at the council premises, crawling after his wife to the dismay of onlookers, pleading for forgiveness. His wife proceeded to strip the APC woman leader
of the privilege of representing her as the woman leader and replaced her
with another woman"


"Tony Jude in the local government may lead to a local
government wrought with cultism as he continues to recruit hoodlums as
revenue drivers. All this point are giving the governor and Ikeduru Local
government a bad name because gold is given to those who know its value

The most painful aspect of this is that the Deputy governor of Imo State, who also hails from Ikeduru, is not knowledgeableof his desperate moves which is derailing the state governments’ 3R mantra: Reconstruction,
Rehabilitation & Recovery and undermining the gospel of shared prosperity."