Vital Pertinent Questions On Reopening of Schools and epic Response By Mr Dasat Iliya

( I am a parent, my lovely daughter is in a boarding school JSS 3)


I. How safe are you if schools are opened?
2. Are students  books safe to mark?
3. Will your family be compensated if you die after contracting COVID-19 at school?
4. Will you get risk allowances when schools open?
5. Will you be able to teach 6 x 45 minutes periods in a day with a mask?
6. If you have any underlying health conditions that might affect you in this  pandemic, are you supposed to resume class teaching? What precaution/protection do you have in place?


1. If a student in class shows symptoms of COVID-19 after lunch, will you quarantine the teachers, the whole class or the whole school?
2. How frequent would you recommend the temperature testing of teachers and students?
3. How many infrared thermometer do you have at the moment? If you have just one, is it possible to test 20x4 classes before lessons?
4. Who will check temperature of the students since the Teachers are  not paid to do that?
5. Is the teaching and learning going to continue if the school run out of sanitizer?
6. If the teacher is in self quarantine, who will take his/her load?


1. Are all schools having enough desk to maintain social distance?
2. Are you able to employ more teachers since the teacher to pupil ratio will reduce?
3. How many teachers are required per school per subject?
4. Would you distribute free certified protective nose mask to pupils and teachers or parents are going to be responsible?
5. How will you monitor compliance in each schools?
6.Do you have the capacity for a massive outbreak?

1. Is my child not going to contract COVID-19 and bring it home?
2. How safe is my child if schools are opened?
3. What preparation have you made for your child?
4. Is your child at risk of suffocation using nose mask?
5. Will your child not exchange his or her nose mask with other children?
6. Who will certify the nose mask for each pupil fit for preventing transfer of corona virus?
4. Is education the first priority than life of your child?


Yes, good questions but a certain reality hangs around.

 How have we been living outside of the lockdown.we go to the Banks,markets, other public places,how have we handle those situations.

 What we need in this era is a change in the way we live.Even in the absence of a sanitizer,if we inbibe constant hand washing with soap and water,we can win.

 We put too premium on money,who compensates the bus driver who gets infected in the course of his job,who is responsible if you get infected in a place outside of the work environment.

 Can we not afford to take precautions and have education which makes living better for the ones alife or fear the risk and remain without education and have it's consequences.

 Covid 19 may be a bid longer than what we perceive,we must dare it with all wisdom and precaution with a behaviour change.Do you know that with constant hand washing alone,we shall curtail other infections as well.

 Live must go on, let's move on, with the change, the teacher can have the mask that allows him speak and inbetween, after lessons,he removes and gets fresh air.Those in operation room in hospital will tell you,for several hours at work,the mask is a dress.

 Some have tried a return and quickly turned around, yesterday the UK lifted the ban and things suddenly went back to previously, Spain after an ease up had to lockdown a part of Catalonia,Israel tried to reopen schools but revert after a while.

 Austire times with austire challenges,we need new ways to move on.For us as people of faith,we must do the needful while praying God to help us overcome this challenge we have never witnessed.


  1. This is a wonderful piece of write up. An excellent mind probing questions and out of the box deep thinking.

  2. Parents Should as a matter of concern look into saveral parameters before endangering their kids during this pandemic. This is just the right act as a parent, should anything happen schools should be hold responsible.

  3. Yes,for sure,this is a very thought provoking piece from a great mind.
    However,the issue remains that we live in a very reckless society,where indiscipline is the order of the day.
    I am one of those who believe that with proper discipline,following only washing of hands constantly with soap and water,we can win this unfortunate war against the dreaded pandemic..
    Thanks a lot Mr. Iliya for this,I just wish it can go viral even up to the religious pulpits so that our people may be tamed by those reminders.


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