Unlocking the River of God By Pst Emmanuel Itua

Pst Emmanuel Itua Ministering At First Love Assembly, Owerri  on

Topic: Unlocking the River of God

Text: Rev 22:1, Eze 47:1-5, Zechariah 4:6, 1 Cor 1:26-29

He said;

God has invested so much in us. When God gave Christ,He gave His best. When He gave us the Holy Spirit, He gave His all. Rev 22:1. The Spirit of God in you is an edge above others. Spirit filled people are determined,creative and diligent.

Ways to unlock the river of God;
3. Surrendering to God. Your willingness to submit/surrender to God will determine how easily the river of God will flow in you. Eze 47:1-5. You must surrender to the Spirit of God totally to allow Him do what He wants to do. Zechariah 4:6. We must learn that God wants us to surrender. One way to unlock the river is to surrender willingly to God. 2 Cor 12:9. Your grace is all that I need. God is more than enough for us.

To surrender means to yield. The opposite of surrender is control. Whenever you deploy manipulations to make things work for you,then you are walking in self and not surrendered to God. Your greatest victories came when you surrender to God. Surrender is letting go and let God handle it. It's following His leading without knowing where He is leading you. Surrendering is trusting in His purpose without knowing how the end will be.

To unlock this river,you must surrender to the power and will of God. Isa 55:1. There MUST be surrender to unlock this river. Acts 22:18-20. What you think you're not qualified for is what God will use to qualify you.

Lord I surrender to you. Help me Lord.