Unlocking the River of God By Pst Emmanuel Itua

First Sunday of June 2020. 1st Service
FirstLove Assembly, Owerri.
Ministering: Pst Emmanuel Itua
Topic: Unlocking the River of God
Text: Rev 22:1, John 7:38

It's not enough to have the river of God in you, you must give it expression. The Holy Spirit is a highly sensitive person. The Holy Spirit can be grieved or hurt. You can only feel grieved or hurt by someone you love or committed to. When the Spirit is grieved,you make Him inactive in your life.

Ways to unlock the river of God;
How do we unlock the spirit of God? We must flow with the flow. The spirit of God is God's creative force to birth more of God in you.

2. Obedience. 1 Sam 15:21-23. We can be active and be walking in disobedience because we are doing what suit us not him. Acts 5:30-32. God will not give this river to those who will not obey Him. Acts 2:4. Acts 1:3-5. Every command must be obeyed. God is everywhere but doesn't manifest everywhere. Luke 24:13-15, Acts 10:44.

Obedience is a proof of submission. It's not by stature but by what you can carry on the inside of you. Obedience will cost you less than disobedience. Disobedience is very expensive. 1 Cor 10:1-5. God doesn't respect persons but principles.

The next instruction is as good as your last obedience. To unlock the river of God,we must walk in absolute obedience. Acts 4:19-20. Sometimes there's a conflict between obeying God and the environment. What God says He means and what God means He says. Isa 48:17-19

Lord teach me obedience. Teach me submission. Help me to walk in the path of truth.