By: Anchor Antiquity Prince A.A.A

It was a show of love, brotherliness cum brotherhood, in fact, Nwannenss, last week, precisely June 9, 2020, when Hon. Chief Sir Emma Okewulonu, IKEOHA GBURUGBURU THE PILOT OF IKEOHANIZATIONALISM, visited the the Telcom Satellite Television (TStv), including the Managing Director (MD) TStv, Dr. Bright Echefu, nwafor Obowo.

The visit was not a mere visit, as IKEOHA was not there alone, his brothers and friends formed the entourage that accompanied IKEOHA to the office at Corporate Headquarters Abuja, including Hon. Chika Okafor, the three times House of Assembly candidate of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), and others.

These Obowoans led by IKEOHA GBURUGBURU, went to see their brother, the MD of TStv, to see how largest and magnificent that place is, they equally discussed on how to come in and partner with the company.

Dr. Bright Echefu, the MD, had a long discussion with IKEOHA GBURUGBURU, they discussed about his establishment, how big & wide it is now, how bigger and wider it's going to be soon, how people can come in, how the people of Obowo Local Government Area, entire Okigwe zone (6 L.G.As in Okigwe zone) Imo State, Nigeria at large, will benefit lucratively and informatively, through Telcom Satellite Television (TStv).

IKEOHA GBURUGBURU did not end the long talk with only issues concerning the TStv expansion, enlargement and benefits, he went further to discuss in versatility a lot of things that concerns the good people of Okigwe zone, as he is absolutely out to ensure that Okigwe zone will be taken to the peak, no more backwardness, stagnation or primitivism in Okigwe zone, because with IKEOHA GBURUGBURU, development in Okigwe is assured.

Anya ka eji ama ókah kara aka.
Ahu Dimkpa, a hukwa o gwogwo imi ya.
E nyime Okeh Ehi, e dosa Okeh Mmadu, Okeh Ehi gbalaga, Okeh Mmadu a chuwa ya, jide ya.
Onye ma úzó ka anyi na-eso.

IKEOHA GBURUGBURU bu Okeh Mmadu, óma úzó, ó ga emezi Okigwe zone, mee ka onye ikpeazu buruzie onye nó n'ihu.

Special thanks to Dr. Bright Echefu, the MD of TStv, for the warmest welcome and hosting of IKEOHA GBURUGBURU, Special thanks also to Hon. Chika Okafor, for proving a good & loving brother of IKEOHA GBURUGBURU both in Obowo and in diaspora, Special thanks to all other brothers, friends and fans of IKEOHA GBURUGBURU, that made up his entourage on that Special visit by a brother, IKEOHA, to a brother, Dr. Echefu and his Satellite office at Corporate Headquarters Abuja, TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD, BE THE HIGHEST GLORY... AMEN!!!.

IKEOHA GBURUGBURU, THE PILOT OF IKEOHANIZATIONALISM, MR. CAPACITY, DE SURPRISER, THE REASON FOR THE SEASON, we, Ndi Okigwe, are solidly behind you. We have been watching you for a very long time, your uncommon philanthropy, magnanimous magnanimity, generosity, conspicuous legacies, unquantifiable & unqualifiable benevolence, show of love, brotherliness cum brotherhood, cannot be overemphasized, you are ó di mbu eme, mere gawa ooo!!.