Succor is coming to indigent families in all the autonomous communities in Obowu local government Area as Onugotu Obowu Foundation (OOF) is set to roll out its palliative programs for the citizens. To this effect, the foundation has launched and set up a COVID 19 Intervention Fund. The foundation will in the coming days distribute sanitation materials, food items and cash to thousands of needy Obowu people across the communities.

OOF, founded in 2017, has been embarking on unique development programs in Obowu including free skills acquisition trainings for unemployed youths wherein it has hundreds of youths benefiting, small scale cooperative financial assistance to young entrepreneurs, leadership training programs for students, poverty alleviation programs, housing programs for the distressed indigents etc. The foundation has so far committed over 20 million naira into programs and services in Obowu.

The latest COVID 19 intervention program is to reduce the financial burdens on Obowuans as a result of the coronavirus lockdown and to educate the citizens on personal protection activities to safeguard the community from the ravaging virus.

The foundation in a release jointly signed by the Board of Trustees Chairman Ike C. Ibe and President Dr. Godfrey Nneji called on public spirited Obowuans and their friends to support the program by donating cash and materials to help them reach many more needy families in Obowu.

Donations can be made to the following account:

Onugotu Obowu Foundation


  1. It's a welcome development but let it not be selective

  2. It's a good one may the good Lord direct strengthen then in this effort


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