Faith Is The Invisible Means Of Support -Emma Okorie

Topic : Faith Is The Invisible Means Of Support
Text : John 6:5-12.

- What goes on in your mind when you encounter the numerous miracles performed by Jesus Christ in the bible?
- Do you believe that the same feats are still achievable in the present life.
- Faith is living by invisible means of support.
- I have listened to several testimonies of deliverance in automobile and related accidents.  The statement always is, “when I  thought it was all over, an unseen hand rescued me.
- Jesus did so many similar feats. John 6:5-12.
- Your faith is going to feed others.  The abundant power of God in your life is going to minister to others.
- People are going to depend upon you as you depend on invisible means of support.
- At Jericho , Joshua raised up his eyes and there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn.     Josh 5:13-15 (NLT)
- When you are bemoaning yourself, do you know that a man stands over you?  You don’t see him but God planted him there in your defence by invisible means of support.
- David was indeed a man who lived by invisible means of support -    1 Sam 17:47-50  (NIV).

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