Dominion over Infirmity (5); Rest for the weary.

Pst Emmanuel Itua speaking on the
Topic: Dominion over Infirmity (5); Rest for the weary

Scriptural reference and text was taking from the following passages: Jer 29:11, Gal 6:9, Job 1:10, Prov 25:25, Prov 30:1.

Insights shared includes:

God's purpose for your life cannot be hindered. Situation cannot limit God.

There is tendency to be weary in this season.

God is thinking about you. You are in the mind of God. He is mindful of us. Jer 29:11. There is hope even in the midst of this present situation. It takes hope to sustain progress. God knows your address. He knows what you're passing through and He is mindful of you.

Gal 6:9. Growing weary is prevalent in this recent situation but God admonishes us not to grow weary. Prov 25:25

In all that Job went through, he still praised God. Job 1:20. God came through for him. After it all, he was refreshed and renewed. Job 42:10

This season is a process and only the tough will emerge better.

Luke 21:8-12,25-26. The things happening now has been foretold and this goes to show that our source is authentic.

Daniel 7:25b. Weariness is a strategy of the enemy to wear one out and kill expectations.

Weariness is lack of strength,passion,desire to continue.

Luke 21:26-28. When we begin to see all these crises, then it's the time to look up because your time of redemption is near. We look up in prayer.

There is rest for the weary. Weariness sets in when you keep giving out and not getting back. There is replenishment even in nature. Take time out to replenish.

As long as you keep burning yourselves,weariness will come. Take time out to replenish.

Weariness is loosing heart. Prov 13:12. When your heart fails, abhors fear.

Signs of weariness of the heart;
1. When we stay on the problem and not the opportunity in it. Phil 1:19-24. Acts 16:25. Heaviness of heart keeps God away. Ps 43:5, Phil 4:12
2. When you stay on the pain and not in the purpose. Find out the purpose of the situation. Eccl 3:1, Daniel 9:3, Isa 55:11, Daniel 9:4. There is a purpose for everything. Phil 1:12-13. When we lose sight of purpose,over focus will be pain. 2 Tim 2:9. Heb 12:1-2. God will take you through process to take you to where He is taking you to.

Just hold on. If He sent you there, He will get you there.

Lord I focus on the opportunity in this current situation and not the pain.