Greetings to your Excellencies. while appreciating you on your various efforts towards curbing the spread of Covid 19 in our dear country Nigeria. These efforts includes setting up of presidential taskforce at Federal level and some state taskforce all aimed at tackling the dreaded Corona Virus. There are so many proposals approved, directives given, actions taken and some yet to be taken E.t.c yet much has not been done about the welfare of the middle class , lower class/the poor.(welfare,I mean is what to eat).The whole essence of the efforts of the various levels of government is to save lives of the people. So curbing Corona Virus is not the only challenge facing us as a people in a time like this but to save us from dying of hunger. Most Political leaders my not understand what we are talking about but we have the privilege of reaching out to our people through the religious leaders and we come to understand that the greatest challenge that Nigeria will face in few days from now will be hunger,and on or before 14th of April 2020,there will be great protest across the nation. We are not  prophets but it will certainly happen unless government looks into providing for the poor amongst us and adjust the policy/directive of total shot down and stay at home. I and my group are presently campaigning for Stay at Home and it's been a good experience BUT with a critical study of the economic situation in Nigeria we have come to be realistic about the area of priority... provision of food to the people or allow the people to hustle to eat. Most Nigerian eat from hand to mouth vis a from the the proceeds of their daily petite trading. They cannot stock food because there is no money to do that. Such people my prefer to DIE on the streets than DIE inside their houses. Nobody amongst the middle and lower class will be excluded. The Police,army, and all law enforcement agencies inclusive because they all have families which Nigerian system does not have enough package for. So how can they enforce the law. I see great danger, frustrations, disobedience, and revolution if care is not taken. We humbly request that government at all levels make haste while the sun shines.

We also indulge all to pray for God's intervention in a time like this while we observe social distancing.
Your sincerely

Barr Oluchukwu Green Ijere Nnabugwu Ksc
Chairman Youth Wing Christian Asso.of Nigeria Southern Zone.