Covid-19: Rt Hon.Ike.C.Ibe and Onugotu Obowo Foundation Gifts Senior Citizens Food Stuff & Cash

Members of Onugotu Obowo Foundation has rolled out their COVID-19 palliatives for senior citizens and indigent families numbering about 1,000 across Obowo LGA, in Imo State.

His Excellency Rt.Hon Ike.C.Ibe, Board of Trustee Chairman of Onugotu Obowo

says the aim is to ensure that basics social amenities are made available to those who are i dare need of them at no cost within the ambiance of Obowo LGA which comprises of fourteen (14) villages.

The Chairman and his team recently shared food items, sanitizers,money and more to senior citizens and indigent son’s and daughters of Obowo LGA.

Members of OOF have over the past week helped in contributing and raising up millions of naira to put smiles on the poor and less privileged in the society

Rt. Hon Ike.Ibe in his address reiterates Onugotu Obowo’s commitment in the fight against the global pandemic that has sent many to their early graves thus leaving most families dumbfounded. He emphasized on the importance of hygiene and why it is very important that they keep their environment clean, wash their hands as many times as possible with soap and water or sanitizers, desisting from hand shakes/hugs and adhering to the all guidelines issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

There are so many ways in which one can give back to the society and help those who need it most. Things that are considered necessities to some are unattainable luxuries to many others, I called on all well meaning/privileged Obowoians both home and abroad to come to the aide of our people either by undertaking a project or reach out in which ever means they deem fit.

Giving back in any way, from simple donations to starting your own charity, is impactful and meaningful and would go a long way in putting smiles on the faces of many.

In his advice to Obowo young men/women he made it known to them that Community service is a great way to give back. Donating your time and energy to help out those in need is just as impactful as donating large sums of money to charitable organizations. How you give back, and what you give are entirely dependent on personal preference, and one is not better than the other.

It’s easier than ever to make a difference, and the old adage that every little bit counts is always true, so find a way to be charitable and give back to the society especially now of covid-19 pandemic, he added.

The old and vulnerable men and women of obowo who benefited from this gesture were so happy and pour out their blessings to Rt.Hon.Ike.C.Ibe and the entire Onuguto Obowo family for their great support in a time like this.

And they promise to obey the instructions of keeping their environment clean.