Celebrating Pastor Mrs. Nnenna Ikpa: A Unique & Virtuous Woman, An Inspiration

I consider myself very privileged, to be among the very few to write about this great woman of  God on her special day based on my personal encounter and inspiration drawn from her.

Mummy Nnenna Ikpa is a Mother, Unique Woman, Great Teacher of the Word,  Administrator, Worship Leader,  Role Model,  Mentor

Indeed a lot has happened in my life. I have been under her tutelage, mentorship for several decades now.

I appreciate the work you did in my life and that of many others like me. No amount of human praises would be enough to pay you back

Anybody that has ever had an encounter with Mummy Nnenna Ikpa easily attests of her impeccable mentorship, her availability, she does not shut anyone out, her cordial relationship, her sensitivity to issues peculiar to her students, her outspokenness, her kindness and firmness of character

The above qualities can never be over emphasized. It is a bit cumbersome to write within the confines of few pages, about one of my greatest Influencer and God given mentor. who has had such a long lasting influence on me for over 30 years and I am still counting.

The truth is that am yet to see a woman that exudes such inspiration on her students as Mummy Nnenna Ikpa. I am yet to see an Instructor so "feared" and at the same time "adored". Yet with such close relationship with her students.

Mummy Ikpa is a great teacher that influences her students to the extent that they maintain a lifelong friendship with her even after training. I say this with all sincerity; I am yet to see an Instructor with such disciples as her.

She is known both locally and internationally.

The history of my life, accadmic excellence, social and spiritual life will be incomplete without the mention of Pastor Mrs Nnenna Ikpa & family

It was sometime in late 80's that I joined Church on The Rock -an arm of Living Word Ministries from the first day,  she welcomed me into the family of God. I had great sense of belonging. You demonstrated your love towards me without knowing or caring about my background. I  became so close to her children that many taught I was her biological child. We were obviously young then but that did not in any way affect how I was treated.

What I consider to be the greatest influence and best gift from her is helping me to discern and understand the call of God upon my life from  an early age, Leading others in Worship, Music & Believer are courses that needed not just theory but watching Mummy Nnenna Ikpa as she ministered to the  Lord in songs. The experience triggered off something in me.

She has inspired a reasonable number of disciples - Having taught me at Living Word Training Center too.  I am proud to reveal that as  Dean of Bible School of practical application, I did draw a lot of inspiration from her. She had on number of occasions demonstrated her readiness to assist, not just as an Instructor but a mentor, a model and a source of inspiration.

I remain forever indebted to Mummy Nnenna Ikpa for her motherly disposition towards me. Her crucial role in my spiritual life went a long way towards bringing out the best in me and shaping my life. Thank you so much for inspiring this generation through God's word from your lips and songs of praise.

Today as we celebrate the birth of a unique woman, an inspiration, I pray for long life,  Mummy you have my best wishes. You will  reap the fruit of your labour.

Happy Birthday Mummy Nnenna Ikpa. Many more happy returns as you age in good health.