1. May we get to know you ma?

Mrs Nneamaka Okafor is my name and I am the Special Adviser New and Electronic Media to the Executive Governor of Imo state. His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodimma. I am a wife and a Mum .

2. What is the work of Office of SA To Governor on Electronic Media?

My Job is to interface between the Government and the New and Electronic Media. To Enlighten people through programming and News bulletins on the activity of the Government on every electronic media platform and to Highlight same on the social media. My job is generally to use these mediums to launder the image of the Government while helping bring Governance close to the people by sharing what the Governor is doing to better their lot and also taking their responses back to the Government which can be used as feedback for better Governance.

3. What's your vision?

My Vision is to help the government of Senator Hope Uzodimma achieve the vision He has for all of us as Imolites. I hope I can contribute my quota to building a better media sector in Imo state.

4. How can Media help  Improve governance and Public Service?

Media serves as a bridge between the people and the Government. While it helps the Government reach the people. The peoples responses should serve as a tool to better help shape policies and programs of Government .

5. How often do you reach out to the youths?

Every single day in person and on social media. I hope to do more when we can have gatherings again

6. What has your office done so far to sensitize the public on Covid-19?

We have been putting out public service announcements.

Advisories on how to ensure that we don't get the virus and what to do if it happens. We have also been projecting all the precautionary measures put in place by the Government to ensure that Imo state glides through this process without one case of covid-19

We have also created jingles and campaigns around the issue and we will continue to do that

7. What efforts have you applied to sensitize Imolites about your operations in other to get their buy-in to Govt program

We have continued to put out campaigns around the 3R vision of the Government which are Rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery. These in turn will birth an Imo of shared prosperity and we are consistently sharing this vision with the people of Imo state through social media and electronic media and We will continue to do so. We are also reaching out to people and will continue to do so and We are getting buy in every day and it will continue.

8. What's are you doing to improve Citizens confidence in Government and promote their trust

The Citizens already have confidence in our amiable Governor and my Job is to continue to strengthen that confidence by not only communicating his policy and plans but also the tangible changes he is making.

9. Many believe  that information dissemination during previous administration was opaque. Do you have any plans to improve on this area?

I don't like to talk about what I have no knowledge of. However, as long as God gives us life and I continue in my role. All the Information the people need as far as this Government is concerned will be provided.

We will never share any falsehood. The Governor is sincere and transparent in it's dealings and As long as the Governor is at the forefront of keeping to this system of being transparent with the people we will continue to do our best to share same.

10. Please Ma, can we have your concluding and final thoughts?

Imo state is in good hands. Our Governor has a track record of  ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of those around him. He brings that and more to bare.All we have to do is trust him and the team New Imo and know that we will all share in the prosperity and commonwealth of Imo state.