Portrait of An Achiever: Prof B.T.O Ikegwuoha Nominated For Award (See Profile)

Prof B.T.O  Ikegwuoha born in Lagos and a native of Owerre-Umudioka, in Orlu Local Government of Imo State.

He had his primary, secondary and Teacher's Training Education and certificate in Imo State before proceeding to overseas for greener pastures.

He graduated with Ph.D (1987); M.Phil (1985) and B.A (1983) in Political Science from Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, Ital. He is also a graduate of the American Military University -Graduate Certificate in Intelligence and Tourism Studies (2013); Indiana State University, Terra Haute, Indiana; Master of Public Administration (2003) and Graduate Certificate in Public Administration (2002) and Walden University Ph.D Public Policy and Administration (2006)

During his sojourn in Rome, Italy (1979 -1994) Prof Ikegwuoha served as President of Many Nigerian and African organizations where he organized and participated in many seminars and symposia all around Rome and its environs.

In the United States, he was elected Chairman, Obama Cacucus Presidential Campaign during the 2008 Presidential election, in the 38th Congressional Legislative District, Washington State. He was equally elected as the Chairman, The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Washington State Branch , In March 2002; Deputy Chairman PDP United States Chapter 2002-2004 and the Chapter Chairman PDP United States in January 13 2007 in Boston, MA for a tenure of four years ending in 2011

Prof Ikegwuoha has taught at many Colleges and Universities in the United States

A political activist who has been a critic and voice against coup d'etat and military rule in Africa. Prof Ikegwuoha personally organized Public Enlightenment campaign in Many Nigerian cities aimed at enlightening and empowering Nigerians to demand political reforms, the restoration of democracy, respect for gender equality, civil and human rights and the establishment and democratization if the institutions of government, civil society and the Free Market Economy

Ikegwuoha Bernard Thomson is a distinguished and disciplined scholar, Professor, political scientist, political strategist, public administrator specialist etc
He is an extraordinary down to earth person: generously kind, humane and humble. He is a public servant who is dedicated to public service with proven record of all transparency in the discharge of all his duties, responsibilities -a man of impeccable integrity who is respected by Hus students and colleagues alike.

Prof Ikegwuoha is a public and motivational speaker, very articulate, eloquent - he is persuasively and passionately outspoken on issues of social justice and gender equality. He is also a passionate defender of the oppressed, and has devoted his entire life fighting for "equal rights" and "justice" for all without distinction to race, ethnicity, class, religious affiliation or gender -a call he has always answered even when he is faced with some personal deprivations and sacrifices.

In fact, if Prof B.T.O Ikegwuoha despises anything or anybody, he is readily prone to say so immediately. Indeed he hates dogma, consequently he is a pragmatist. a "progressive and yet ideologically centrist and economically conservative in nature; he has developed a practical approach to getting things dine in a bipartisan manner.

Prof B.T.O Ikegwuoha is an administrator of people, a great communicator , Reconciliator and unifer of people, particularly in a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-racial environment such as Nigeria

The life of Ikegwuoha, Bernard Thompson Onyemauchechukwu has been colorful, but love or hate him, one things is sure, he cannot be ignored anywhere he goes or finds himself by his reputation. For example, he is known for being self -disciplined and his respect for humanity is well known by all around him. He believes that; " civility is not a sign if weakness " - JFK and that "trust is always subject to proof or verification" - Therefore, he insists that "we should not fear to negotiate and we also should not negotiate out of fear - JFK

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Arise Africa Distinguished Personality of the year Award Nominee Prof BTO Ikegwuoha