Mrs. Susan Akon Akporiaye hails from Oron Local Government Area, Akwa-Ibom State, and married in Delta State, Nigeria. She is one of the most vibrant, articulate, humble, hard working, wise and intelligent women in Nigeria, especially in the travel and tours industry. She is the Managing Director/Chief Executive of Topaz Travel and Tours Limited, Abuja. Mrs. Akporiaye was born in Lagos State and had her University education in University of Calabar, where she studied Microbiology. As a promising and dedicated Nigerian, Mrs. Akporiaye strongly believes in hardwork. This as a matter of fact, turned her from Microbiologist to a Travel and Tours Consultant.

As a very young lady, she started with Luxury Travels in Abuja, where she worked for six months. Because of her passion and hardwork, she then started to nurse and develop the dream to own her own company. As a dedicated lady, Mrs. Susan Akporiaye started Topaz Travel and Tours Limited in August, 2004. In space of two years of operation, her company (Topaz Travel and Tours) became fully accredited, locally by Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and internationally by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  This as a matter of fact, is a strong testament to her professionalism and achievements in the travel and tours industry.

In terms of professionalism and efficiency in the industry, Topaz Travel and Tours Limited has received several Awards for outstanding performance over the years. She has been awarded the Top 100 Africa Women in the Travel and Tourism industry in 2017 by ATQ. Topaz Travel and Tours has gotten the British Airways Gold Agent Award and British Airways Award of Best Selling Agent - Abuja and Northern Nigeria. She has also gotten outstanding performance awards from other Airline companies like Lufthansa; Ethiopia Airlines/Asky Award for the Highest overall Sales; South African Airways; AirFrance/KLM Award; and other numerous Awards which her office cannot contain right now.  Topaz Travel and Tours under her leadership, has been actively involved in the promotion and facilitation of Travel Consultants/Agents to the World Travel market on London, ITB Berlin in Germany, INDABA in South Africa, World  Travel Market in Cape Town - South Africa, Magical Kenya in Nairobi, and World market in France. Topaz Travel and Tours has continues to contribute her quota in creation of employment opportunities in the travel and tours industry through her empowerment programs.

How else can we describe her and what else can we say about the quintessential lady, Mrs. Susan Akon Akporiaye? She is a mother and strong leader of leaders. As a visionary leader, she is determined to bring travel and tours industry in Nigeria, Africa and beyond to a greater level. That is why her team chooses 'Together Everyone Achieves More' slogan to encourage everyone in the industry to join in growth and development of NANTA. She is humane, smart, accessible, God fearing, result and people oriented. That is why she has promised to run an open and collective administration as NANTA President. Therefore, this is the right time for every well meaning travel and tours consultant/agent and Nigerian government to fully support Mrs. Susan Akporiaye for greater impacts in NANTA. Going through her Manifesto, we all understand that she has a lot on the table for Great NANTA members and entire travel and tours industry. Her administration shall encourage Zonal leadership to embrace sustainable projects that will impact on every member. Her administration shall visit icons and legends in the sector to tap from their wealth of experiences and be so guided.

As a matter of fact, this is the opportunity for greater impacts. There is no better time than now! Let everyone join hands with Mrs. Susan Akporiaye to get NANTA to a greater level.


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