Igbo to the World: European Bishops Wear Igbo Attire to Inaugurate Igbo Chaplaincy in England.

You can call it the resurgence and reawakening of Igbo language and culture and you will still be right.

It was a thing of great jubilation and celebration at the official inauguration of the Igbo Chaplaincy of Portsmouth England where the English clergy blended with Igbo tradition and it was awesome.

Bishop Philip Egan who was dressed in the glorious Igbo traditional Isi-agu attire when he formally inaugurated the Igbo Chaplaincy in the diocese of Portsmouth. After the Mass, the Bishop, the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and the Mayoress were conferred with Igbo titles. It was indeed an occasion of great joy.

Meanwhile down here  in Nigeria most of us are allowing our Igbo language and culture to die because some of you believe it's inferior and fetish but look at the white glorifying what we are rejecting.

What's is your take on this?