WHAT DO YOU SEE? By Pst Emmanuel Itua

Today's Message by Pst Emmanuel Itua
Topic: Destiny Moulding Questions. (4)
Text: Jer 1:5-12

In continuation of the sermon tagged "Destiny Moulding Questions" another important question according to him is

Its an important destiny moulding Questions. Because what you see determines how good your sight is. The fullness of God upon your life brings a transformation. Tongue is not a natural language, it's a spiritual language. Tongues is not the only proof of an infilling of the Holy Spirit. Prophetic visions is also a proof.

It takes prophetic vision to know what we have. You are a carrier of divine mandate. Every child of God has the deposit of what Christ left with us, the Holy Spirit. He is more than enough. 1 Kings 17:12. The Holy Spirit comes upon you and helps you to do what Jesus did when He was on earth.

What you see is what you do. What you see is what you practice. What you see is what you become. John 16:13

If you must do the unusual, you must see what the Father is doing. 2 Cor 4:16-18

1. Seeing the invisible makes the impossible possible through God. Heb 11:2-3
2. The foundation is the unseen. The vibrancy of your faith is anchored in your encounter with the unseen. Heb 11:6
3. Seeing the invisible backs your reality. Heb 11:3,Neh 2:12
4. Seeing the invisible will submerge your fear. Heb 11:23
5. Seeing the invisible keeps you going. Heb 11:27. The process you're passing through is for your making. 2 Cor 4:7-9.
6. Seeing the invisible inspires your hope. Heb 11:15-16. Hope is stirred when you have an encounter with God.
7. Seeing the invisible gives you divine perspective of life's issues.

1. Lord open my eyes. I say no to all forms of spiritual blindness. Touch my eyes Lord. Flow within me.
2. Rev 3:18 Lord anoint my eyes in the year 2020.