Profile of A Great Philanthropist: Arise Africa Achievers Award Nominee

Chief Emeka Williams is an Obowo born billionaire with the heart of gold in all ramification, a selfless God gifted personality. He is a native of Ehume autonomous community in Obowo Local Government Area, Imo State

Chief Emeka Williams popularly know as "Dupe" is one of the pillars of education in Obowo Local Government Area, as he has given scholarships to countless byouths in Obowo. His free education is usually a complete one, not partial free education or haphazard one. Apart from free education program, Dupe organized annual long vacation free lessons/lectures every long vac, period usually from August to Spetemeber where youths of Obowo ands beyond come for free lessons and it is done in three different centers in Obowo, to make movement easier for the students. Here, Dupe pays all teachers involved in the lesson period handsomely and the programme is officially closed at the end, with mini party or get-together feast.

Dupe is a bonafide member of Akajiaku Age Grade Obowo. He has contributed a lot to his age grade, including giving loan to members, giving financial support to member, lending helping hands to the women's wing, offsetting of certain bills and levies, sponsorship or co-sponsorship of certain projects of the age grade and what have you.

Dupe, for a very long time has supported and sponsored a lot of Politicians in Imo State, especially those from Okigwe Zone and Obowo Local Government Area. Actually he is not a practicing Politician but his benovelence and philanthropy are extended to the political activities in his area and zone, as he will always support any candidate with good intentions for his people.

Dupe has given some of his boys, obedient servenats cars has curbed the level of poverty within his areas in Obowo, through his foundation "Emeka Williams Foundation" His fountain is not not a one -side foundation or high class foundation, but it is for all, especially for the poor, established to alleviate poverty rate in Imo State.

Chief Emeka Williams has been nominated for Prestigious Award at this years Arise Africa Achievers Award

Congratulations from all of us at Arise Africa