Destiny Molding Question -Who do you say I am?

Excerpts from Today's Message by   Pastor Emmanuel Itua At First Love Assembly

What makes the tough get going when the going gets tough? If you are not going to draw back during trying times, you must answer who Jesus is to you. Every personal question requires a personal answer. It is not about what your pastor said.

Whoever Jesus is to you reveals
1. What you know about Him
2. Where you are in your walk with God

What made Peter access the revelation of who Jesus is:
1. Sincerity {Truthful}
2. Inquisitive
3. Honour (Your ability to to place value on what is valuable). Any thing you dishonour cannot honour you.
4. Teachable
5. Willingness. How far you go in life depends on how willing you are to go.

Knowing Jesus will reveal your
3. Responsibility
4. Durability
5. Relationship

Until you know who He is, you will never fully discover who you are meant to be
Prayer: Lord, I want to know You more