Political Prostitution Killer of democracy in Nigeria, Imo State a case study.

Prostitution sounds bad to the ear of every modest Man in our society because of things they are associated with, they are seen and known as wayward entities with shame.

They are known for sleeping with any man on site as long as he can drop certain amount of money.

This character is not different from political prostitutes who jumps from party to another when there is a sudden change in government or promised a mouthwatering offer to defect.

This poses a serious challenge to our democracy because it makes the politicians especially the law makers useless and irresponsible to their duties as law makers.

They are only after money and parlying with the government in  power , how can there be meaningful development where there is no opposition? Strong Oppositions help stabilise a government,it helps to guide the government on power to the right thing and fulfil his campaign promises to the masses, this is because the lawmakers are the ones speaking to the government on behalf of their people which they represent.

But in Nigeria the reverse is the case, that is why a governor and president can do anything and get away with it, hmmm. A governor/President will spend quality 4years in office without any significant project to show for it yet he will be appraised and campaign for the second 4years simply because he is our party man, we must deliver our party and the masses can go to blazes.

They support un-performed/un-performing governors to continue wasting public funds because he from our political party,if your dare say anything against him, it will be termed antiparty activities. All because there are operating one party system. But the lawmakers should be the one to challenge the government to the right things and if he refuses they start impeachment process against him and this will force him to reverse to the needful.

But be it as it may, they are like taxies with garage, always following the government of the day because of longer throat. And that is why they don’t make laws and some states they make laws that will enable the government of the day to what pleases him and get away with it, not considering what happens when another party and government takes over. This is ideas from the pit of hell.

A clear case of Imo state where the immediate past administration spent 8years without achieving anything to show for the billions of dollars that came into the state treasury. During that last administration all the 27 local government house members were of one party, what a shame?

After 2019 general election when the PDP was declared winner most lawmakers from APGA, AA, APC and other parties immediately cross carpeted to PDP including the Current Speaker who defected from APGA and became the speaker, seven months later the Supreme Court of Nigeria reverse the judgement in favour of APC which is still confusing many political stake holders in the country, just six days after the ruling by the apex court, Ten out of the 27 law makers has on the first day of resumption defected to APC and others warming up to join theor colleagues. chai a show of shame and un-seriousness.

How will they checkmate the executive, how will they make solid laws to guide the executive, how can their constituencies benefits from government since there is no law protecting their rights and privileges, how can the governor perform well since there is no watch dog? I wept and continue to weep for my country Nigeria and IMO state.

Where are their integrity? Where are their political swag? Where are their educational powers? Where are the intelligence in them? Who even voted them in power? All these and more should be considered. Why are they so cheap to be bought over? Is it still poverty?

I want to suggest to the National assembly to amend political and INEC acts to see that nobody elected in any political party has the right to defect until he or she spends at least 8years in that party as a member or political office holders, this help checkmate this prostitution by our politicians. And it will help brings sanity and discipline input political parties.

Because this has left political parties handicapped to have control over their members elected in political offices under their party. This is not healthy to our democracy in Nigeria.

Below are the names of those who defected yesterday in Imo house of assembly.

Inside Imo State House of Assembly today 21/01/2020

Rt Hon Okay Onyekanma Deputy Speaker IMHA resigns

PDP, AA, APGA Members of Imo State House of Assembly Defect to APC

1) Nwangele LGA: Chyna IWUANYANWU PDP – APC

2) Ideato North LGA. Arthur Egwim AA – APC

3) Okigwe LGA: Chydon Ogbunikpa PDP – APC

4) Nkwerre LGA : Obinna Okwara AA – APC

5) Onuimo LGA : Paul Emeziem PDP – APC

6) Orsu LGA: Ekene Nnodimele – APGA – APC

7) Ideato South LGA: Duru Johnson is AA – APC

8)Isu LGA: Ngozi Obiefule AA – APC

9) Ohaji-Egbema LGA: Cyracus Okoro PDP – APC.

By Amb Prince Ukwu