In Defense Of Nigeria’s Glory In Ghana:Dr Emma Okeson Takes up Another Initiative

The Board of Trustee Chairman of All Nigeria Community Ghana Dr. Emma Okeson the C.E.O of Citylights, West Africa’s biggest lighting company has taken up another initiative to ensure that the name of Nigeria resounds positively in Ghana.
The Serial entrepreneur that is engaged in lots of economic activity in the west Africa region including farming and real estate has been repositioning his flagship brand Citylights via opening of branches in Abuja and Lekki in the last 3 years but that has not stopped him from envisioning on how to ensure that Nigerian youths in Ghana remains in the news for the right reasons.
For almost a decade now the philanthropist has been pivotal in ensuring that Nigeria’s unity, image and glory in Ghana is not tainted further than necessary and has dedicated his precious time, funds ,astute knowledge and wisdom via participating actively in steering the socio-cultural  affairs of Nigerians in Ghana, though it has not been an easy challenge to him, for having to consider  his resignation from  affairs of Nigerian community in Ghana in recent time which the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana Amb.Femi Abikoye turned down and encouraged him to continue his role regardless of how busy he has got in recent times.
A gesture that Dr .Emma Okeson has responded to as the Grand Patron of National Association of Nigerian Students Ghana with a grant of Ghc1000 for any Nigerian student with an exemplary academic records in Ghana, a prize that has been already awarded    to Fatihah Oluabukola Ayinde who emerged overall best graduating student of 2018/2019 graduating set of the Islamic University College Ghana and James Olabode who emerged the best graduating student of the HRM Department Knutsford University Ghana.
Before his latest foray in rewarding exemplary  academic accomplishment of Nigerian Students in Ghana,Dr Emma Okeson was pivotal in securing a befitting secretariat for All Nigeria Community Ghana   (ANC Ghana) the umbrella association of the about 2 million Nigerians resident in Ghana 
The ANC Ghana which was  founded over 50 years ago is the unified mouthpiece of Nigerians in Ghana and executors of their  general welfare,  In issues of grave importance the association   serves as the interface between Nigerians in Ghana and other organizations ,unions, or authorities in Ghana including the Ghana government, Nigerian High Commission Ghana and the government back home. The organization was headquartered in a one-room office somewhere in Adabraka (neighborhood of Accra) which was not befitting before he led the initiative that led to the organisation acquiring  a  secretariat almost 9 years ago.
His company sponsored the first Miss Nigeria Ghana pageant in Ghana with a brand new Kia Picanto in 2012 an event endorsed by the Nigeria High Commission and is aimed  at showcasing the diverse and rich cultural heritage  of the Nigerian nation in Ghana with a pet project that is geared towards the appreciation of the kindness of Ghanaian people as good host to Nigerians resident in their nation ,without Dr Emma Okeson the dream of a maiden edition of the unifying event that serves as an agent of integration for Nigerians and Ghanaians wouldn’t have been realised.
 Dr Okeson has been a pillar of financial support to the various Nigeria Media brands in Ghana like Nigerian Eye Newspaper which was established in 2009 to discourage the conspiracy to isolate Nigeria and Nigerians globally with exaggerations and  misinformation of the public on issues related to Nigeria, Nigerian times Newspaper that surfaced in 2010, he has been a regular guest and supporter of  Loaded Mama’s Naija Level Radio Program.
Socio culturally he has played the role of peace-broker and has consistently negotiated for peace in the issues that befell his kinsmen both in the Igbo Community and Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Ghana chapter hinged on an Eze Ndi Igbo Ghana kingship tussle that he as the Chief  Patron of Igbo Community engineered the process of stopping the two competing kings from crowning themselves in 2012 with a stop order from court, an action that if not for the continuous followers of the two kings that made them relevant would have successfully   averted the cultural challenge that has ensued from the kingship issue in those associations and Igbo community at large in Ghana till date.
Dr Emma Okeson has been relentless in supporting any progressive cause that has to do with Nigeria and Nigerians in Ghana with his time, funds, presence, energy  which has been successfully contributed in proffering solutions and devising strategies to advance the positive  cause of Nigerians in Ghana.
 In July 2011 at the Nigerian High Commission Auditorium the book The Diaspora Nigerians Making Impact In Ghana with foreword written by then Nigeria High Commissioner to Ghana Senator Musiliu Obanikoro was dedicated to him for his sacrifice and almost a decade later he has not stopped in finding means and ways to face Nigeria forward and defend its glory in Ghana.