Arise Afrika Magazine Launches "BACK TO SCHOOL" Project, Donates Heavily

In line with the spirit of Africanism and Nigeria's central Foreign policy, a promising Media Organisation,  Arise Africa Magazine whose vision anchors on  Redefining and projecting Africa to the world over the weekend launched into the humanitarian world where it flagged off "BACK TO SCHOOL" Project across Secondary Schools in Imo State.

The flag off of Arise Afrika Back To School Project event  took place at Methodist High School, Owerri Imo State had inspirational talks geared towards inspiring , educating Equipping and empowering the students

Ceo Face Of Arise Africa Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu and FAA Team  inspired the students, the future leaders of tomorrow.

He shared with them on POWER OF CHOICE;  the negative/positive implications of the choices we make in life, how to make the right choice in their career, association and how to develop their God's given talent.

Speaking furthermore at the occasion, the founder and publisher of Arise Africa, Ikechukwu Anyanwu who led the team  encouraged the youths to stay focused in their pursuit of excellence noting that they are the true leaders of tomorrow but can only lead when they are useful to themselves and society.

Anyanwu advised the students not to be demoralised due to their poor backgrounds rather they should put in their best to discover and develop their God given talents in every angle so as to be masters in their areas of calling.

"It is recognized that children can never reach their full potential in school if they lack the necessary tools to learn. Join the drive to encourage learning among kids", he stressed.

The leadership blogger also at the flag off unveiled a Pet Project of Face of Arise Africa named IDA FOUNDATION that is genuinely and totally committed to educating, equipping and empowering the youths in the most inclusive and innovative ways, adding  that the initiative was borne out of the need to encourage and support learning.

According to him;
"Life gets defined by vision, life gets a meaning with vision. Our vision is geared towards raising the beautiful continent of Africa. That is why Arise Africa embarked upon this humanitarian services as a corporate social responsibility and way of giving back to our communities.
Only Africans can raise Africa.

You must not have millions before you can be able to give back to the society.

You can give back to the society with the little you have, with your God given talent and skills.
We shall be visiting 10 model schools in each State in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and beyond."

" Arise Africa magazine cannot carry out this assignment alone that is why we are urging everyone to join us.

Alone is a voice, Together is a FORCE.

We are counting on your generosity as we make it happen for our children, our pride and our joy"

"We call on all our partners,  friends  to support this initiative.
Kindly send us your support via:1015290631
Zenith Bank

 It's time to show support to Face of Arise Africa as we continue  to reach out to children in schools From 8th Nov - 8th December 2019"

"Required Donations ranges from Exercise Books (worth 100,000), School Bags (worth 100,000), Laptop (worth 100'000) of about three, 3 pieces, Techno Tablet phones (worth 30'000) of about three, 3 pieces, itel tablet phones (with 25'000) of about, 3 pieces, Dictionary (worth 2'000) of about thirty, 30 pieces, Branded Shirts (worth 2'000) of about forty, 40 pieces, Power Bank (worth 5'000) of about ten, 10 pieces (souvenirs to volunteers), and Award plaques (worth 8'000) of about nine, 9 pieces

 Materials or cash are also appreciated."

For Enquiries, call Ikechukwu Anyanwu...
Publisher Arise Africa Magazine

Arise Afrika is one of the most visited news website across the globe. Having calved a niche for itself in raising the beautiful continent of Africa one information at a time.


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