Happy Val Obowo: You MUST be Great -Hon Barr Kennedy Ibeh

Happy Vals day Obowo. My little contribution to your development in 3 and half years is my selfless gift. You MUST be GREAT!

Humanitarian Scorecard

1. Annual Free JAMB Registration for 100 Obowo Applicants.
2. Donation of Working Tools to 100 Artisans (Machines and Equipments).
3. Annual Financial Aid to 100 Artisans (Radio Mechanics, Bicycle Repairers, Vulcanizers, Welders, etc).

4. Setting up Business wit Grinding Machines for 15 Women across 10 Major Markets in Obowo.

5. Annual Financial Aid to 30 Market Women across 10 major markets in Obowo (Osochienye).

6. Provision of Brand New Motorcycle each for 10 Disabled Youngmen to enable them clothe and feed.

7. Monthly stipend of 10,000 each for 107 Youths of Obowo LGA as part of poverty alleviation.

8. Facilitated the Oversea travel of youths (Youngmen and Women) from Umuosochie, Dike na Odinma, Avutu, Umuokeh, Umunachi.

9. Monthly financial support of a number of widows, placement of 12 Obowo Youths in the payroll as Constituency Aides.

10. Provision of 3 Vehicles used as Constituency Vehicles by the Chief Constituency PAs for each Zone of Obowo (Eadt, West, Central).

11. Annual Bursary Support of 100,000 each for Obowo Sons and Daughters in the Nigerian Law School.

12. Operation of Fully functional and effective Constituency Office at Ogwoghoroanya Umuariam Obowo.

*Infrastructural Scorecard*

1. Contributed to the Procurement of a Transformer for Umulogho Obowo (200,000)

2. Contributed to the Construction of Lavatory for St. Peter’s Parish Umulogho (500,000).

3. Contributed to the commencement of the construction of Town Hall by Home and Abroad Women Umulogho (200,000).

4. Contributed to the purchase of a Bus for CYON Amato Alike (500,000).

5. Contributed to the construction of the ongoing church building (St. Peters Parish Umulogho)(500,000)

6. Contributed to the construction of Church Hall in CKC Umuokeh (1,000,000)

7. Contributed to the construction of a vicarage in St. Marks Umuokeh. (1,000,000)

8. Solely handled the restoration of power at Uta na Awom Umunachi Obowo (400,000)

9. Handled the restoration of failed Power in Achara Obowo (750,000)

10. Construction of a four room Ultra Modern Lavatory in Ekeja Ehume Market.

11. Provision of Borehole in Umuakara Ehume Obowo.

12. Provision of Borehole and reticulation of same to butchers in Ekeja Ehume Market.

13. Provision of Borehole in Mbara Uhukwa Umuokoro Umuariam Obowo.

14. Rehabilitation of Umuogele Umuariam Obowo Water Scheme.

15. Facilitation of Upgrade of roads in the Rescue Mission Market (Malaysia Market Umungwa Obowo).

16. Resuscitation of long lost Electricity in Okwuohia Obowo (200,000).

17. Reconstruction of one Administrative Block in Okwuohia Secondary School. (3,700,000 so far).

18. Procurement of 300KVA Transformer for Umunwaada Amuzi Obowo.

19. Construction of a 14 room-open-Market stalls at Oriemgboma Alike Obowo.

20. Reconstruction of Umuebubem Village Hall, Amuzi Obowo.

21. Construction of Town Hall for Umuezigwe Amuzi.

22. Construction of a ‘Welcome to Obowo Pillars’ at boundaries of Mbaise and Obowo, Amainyi and Obowo, Umuahia and Obowo.

23. Construction of Ultra Modern Solar Powered ICT Centre to serve as first JAMB Centre in Obowo sited for security reasons inside the Council Headquarters, Otoko.

24. Borehole Water Project in Umuikpelewe Amuzi.

25. Provision of one brand new first aide box carrier in Ogwume na ifem Avutu Health  Centre.

26. Contribution to different Village Associations and individuals too numerous to mention for Developmental and personal Supports.

27. Doggedly pushing for the Establishment of atleast one Tertiary Institution in Obowo to help drive her economy.

28. Recently got a House Resolution to Establish a Campus of The St. Cyprain University Okigwe in Obowo LGA.
29.  Through A Motion of Urgent State importance, drew the attention of Government by the eventual onsite visitation of Nachioma Umuariam Gully Erosion site and therefore the enlisting of Obowo as an ecologically challenged LGA. To attract Ecological intervention.


1. Sponsored 8 Bills
2. Co-sponsored 17 Bills
3. Sponsored 22 Motions
4. Co-sponsored 62 Motions.

As a Returning and Ranking Member, I shall do more

*Honorable Member Representing Obowo State Constituency, Imo State House of Assembly.*