Rev Barr Ikenna Emmanuel of CAP Unveiled

Rev. BARR. IKENNA EMMANUEL, a legal practitioner is a Barrister and solicitor of the supreme court of  Nigeria with special savvy as a HUMAN RIGHT LAWYER. He is   the President/lecturer at the Skills Edge Leadership Consultant Abuja (a leadership consult, Economic and Nation Building school)

He has stormy passion for socio-economic development, Government, Economic leadership and International Law and Diplomacy.  As a consummate teacher, this epithet has endeared him greatly among many as an advocate of human , social, spiritual and national development expert.

Ikenna is a public speaker, author, educator, leadership mentor, government and business consultant.

Barr. Ikenna is the team leader and chief Responsibility officer of FAITHHOUSE LEADERSHIP WORLD, a multidimensional organization with its Nigeria Headquarters  in Imo State, Nigeria  (housing Faithhouse Leadership  Centre, Lead – Edge  University (proposed), Leadership and Integrity Club, Kingdom Billionaires Club, SEYOLDEC Skills Centre, Cooperate Skills Edge, FOLCODE/World Relief Foundation Inc,) etc. Through  his exemplary lifestyled leadership, he has empowered so many people (especially young graduates) to manifest their unique leadership abilities, develop capacity and become successful in their life pursuit.

He addresses over 100,000 people yearly on personal, corporate and professional development (off and online ) appealing to and transcending age, race, creed and economic background.

He is a championing with several intelligent young leaders, THE FALAC HIGH SCHOOL (THE FIRST AFRICAN LEADERSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Located in Imo State). He is the Team leader/senior pastor of FAITHHOUSE LEADERSHIP CENTRE, a cross-cultural; non-tribalistic, socio-political, sensitive and transformational spiritual institute.

As a socio-political scientist, He studied Peace and Conflict Studies from NOUN University Abuja, International Relations and Diplomacy M.SC at the Department of Political science, Imo State University Owerri. Ikenna Emmanuel studied science Laboratory Technology (Microbiology and virology) at the Federal university of technology Owerri Imo state. He Studied Christian Education/ Theology at WAST an affiliate of UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA.He is a distinction graduate of the WOFBI leadership School Kaduna( The most outstanding Practical Leadership instutute in Africa), laid a strong foundation for his fear of God, value for human life and dignity of Hardwork etc.

Ikenna strongly advocates and shows in several establishments he has championed, that the strength and development of a company, institution and more also a Nation state, is drawn from their Strong focus on value for human life, human capital development and robust enforcement of law and order iced with strong personal transformation of her citizens. This has opined his unflinching passion for a NATIONAL LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION IN AFRICA.

He strongly believes that developing Nations in Africa like Nigeria can be Re shaped, grown and developed better when persons in leadership positions engage in strong investment within her institutional construct and serving her citizens accordingly:

Creating formidable domestic settings with social, foundational, educational and setting up of operative and functional community purposes in IMO-NIGERIA AND AFRICA
If they set up functional and concrete structures for health security, benevolent hygiene and leadership benefits of all IMOLITES- NIGERIANS AND AFRICANS
When Leaders engage in service-focused professional services with medical, legal, architectural, financial training marketing competence to advance the ‘created’ course of IMO –NIGERIANS and Africa
with an increased investment in Production against consumer business systems for industry, Agriculture, commerce, manufactory and factory enterprises in IMO STATE-NIGERIA
By setting up a holistic people focused parliaments to conduit LEGISLATIVE and EXECUTIVE and representational functions on behalf of the people of IMO STATE AND NIGERIA
By Restoring the IMO STATE –NIGERIA Judiciary COMMON MAN’S LAST HOPE CONCEPT to prosecute, mediate and adjudicate in defense of the law (even if it offends the government in power) and in protection of the rights of citizens of Nigeria
Through the tool of developing against all odds a constructive national image laundering culture by providing opportunity for communication, creativity, entertainment and the preservation and expression of qualitative, values and norms of the people of IMO – NIGERIA people.
These and more he is committed to do and mentor others to do through

Solution centric leadership
Non tokenism politics
Servant hood Leadership
People driven Politics
His crusade has been to revamp the socio economic system of IMO-NIGERIA-AFRICA POLITICAL /GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE.

a Detour from Democratic dictatorship to Democracy
a Detour from RULE BY ROD to RULE OF LAW
a Detour from mere CHARISMA to CHARACTER
a detour from family system Governance to people service /Public service interest
He is married to Barr.Nkiru Ikenna Emmanuel, an Administrator and Legal personnel.He has four Children