Somtochukwu Anyanwu Is Plus One

The Arise Afrika Boss took to his social media handles to wish his son a happy Birthday as he adds one on Monday 10th December 2018.
The leadership coach/blogger and publisher of Arise Afrika Magazine urged his fans to celebrate with the family. He said;
"Somtochukwu Great Anyanwu is plus one today!!  Join me FAMs and celebrate this Great member of ANYANWU'S DYNASTY.
He is Smart/Intelligent, He is Creative,  He can Sing/Smile/Play for Afrika and so Caring.
Having a son as wonderful as you are makes us so proud.
You keep bringing endless wonder and joy to us. Not only that  we share same birthday month.. same looks...same traits.
You are JOHN 10 vs 30
I woke up this money with a beep on my phone from Diamond Bank wishing you a memorable birthday and fruitful years ahead.
More money and alerts in your Kiddies Account
More fun with your fellow kids at Nekede Zoo and at the motherless Babies Home
Happy Super Birthday Son as you continue to excel and prosper in all you do.
May God bless your new age.
May God Keep you.
May God lift up the eyes of His Countenance upon you.