Obowo Stands Still For Uchenna & Ozioma's Glorious Wedding

Umudukpo, Achara Obowo LGA  was agog today.

Nwanevu's compound,  the venue of the much expected traditional wedding ceremony between Uchenna Ohalete and Ozioma Vivian Nwanevu was  a carnival of sorts.

The frontline Imo Gubernatorial Candidate of Young Progressive Party (YPP) Dr Linus Okorie and several political juganuts, captains of industry, members of Imo State University ALUMNI,  friends and well wishers were all present to witness the epoch making event.

The bride and her asheobi made the event as colourful as ever. She and her entourage came out twice in their colourful attire.

First to welcome and greet  the visitors and later on during the traditional search by the bride to locate and take her husband for the traditional blessings to the admiration of all.
Guests were lavished with lots of refreshment. And the event was a well organized and memorable one.

In an expression of sincere love for the beautiful Ozioma, Uchenna held her  firmly as they cut the wedding cake amidst cheers from friends and relatives.

22nd December would continue to linger in the memory of guests and relatives who thronged to witness the event. The couple would be joined together in Holy Matrimony on 30th December 2018 at Assemblies of God Church Royce, Owerri Imo State.

Ozioma Vivian is  the  daughter of Mr & Mrs Batholomew Nwanevu. While Uchenna is from the family of Mr & Mrs Godwin Ohalete of Amaro-Amara in Isiala Mbano.  He is  focused, determined, dynamic, friendly and has affected  lives of people positively. It therefore did not come as a surprise that he pulled the personalities and crowd that came to witness this glorious wedding despite the festive period.

According to the leadership expert and frontline YPP Imo state Governorship Candidate, Linus Okorie:

"He that finds a wife, finds a good thing. I didn't know that Uchenna has an eye for good thing.

He has found a good, beautiful wife and we are glad to share with him in this moment of Joy.
I make bold to say that Uchenna is a dynamic young man. A man of proven integrity, excellence and posses good communication skills.
I am  glad he is wedding at the right time. When we are about entering the Douglas House.

Madam, you married a good husband. Your husband is a leadership expert and has a lot to offer this generation. It's a good thing that God has given him a great woman who would be by his side to advice him and bring out the best in him. Because he is going places.
I would personally introduce you to my wife.
This marriage is blessed in Jesus Name"

The couple also expressed their sincere gratitude to those who honoured the invite

" Thanks to all of you for your support, encouragement and presence.
As you go back home, we pray that God would grant you journey mercies back to your various destinations"

Official photos & videos coming soon..