Ladies and gentleman. Our state has come to a crossroad, and now you and I have the gracious power to change the political landscape of Imo State.

As I have said in time past, if you elect me as your Governor in Imo State, there are several viable projects I will execute in order to ensure that your needs are met on a daily basis across this land of Imo.

First of all, I plan on proposing to the legislature's to pass into law the bill that will invest in our public schools, not only to meet the needs of today, but to encourage developing minds for the future. Such new funding would be used to hire and retain good teachers, build and renovate new schools, and give great tax breaks to classroom teachers.

To accomplish this, I am proposing no new tax increases, but rather a re-channeling of our already existing contacts across National and International agencies on revenue mobilization to meet these demands.

Now, is the time. I have been talking about this for years with little voice but is time to shout it to your hearing. I plan on working on all of this now.

The second agenda on my list is economic development which I know is also on your minds, particularly with regard to our downtrodden areas. For many years, economic prosperity has been neglected by current leaders in government, and I plan to change all of that. I am proposing a city center revitalization project that would promote new businesses, new residential areas, and new open green areas to bring people back to the heart of our city that will give birth to the branches which will be on our Rural area's within my first 100 days in office.

Current leaders have allowed the new city to descend to a moribund state, preferring to invest in hotels businesses in the outlaying areas.

And third, I am proposing the construction of a heavy solar center  system, to be built within my first year in office to meet the growing demands of better and more efficient investors and Imo industries and companies for years to come. My opponents and his administration have lacked the vision of long-term solutions, preferring only to glance and ignore a futuristic vision for Imo growth. Such a short sighted stance fails to consider the needs of the future generations which is an objective that set out for our children and grand children.

My generation doesn't want to be remembered for a road we built today, but for a productive visionary future we created for there successful exploits.

And finally, my opponents has cited my experience as a reason why you shouldn't vote for me. However, I am not a career politician who has lost touch with the everyday needs and concerns of day-to-day people. My work as a lawyer and entrepreneur has given me a unique perspective on the pains and challenges you face.

If I'm elected as your Governor in 2019, I assure you that I will use  all the sumptuous endowments attached to my elected position to make sure your issues and concerns are fully addressed at the local, state and national level.

Imo of our collective dream is within reach. We must not fail to rejigged the system this moment.

Comr Ukawuilu Chinedu
Independent Democrats