The struggle for Owerri Municipal State constituency Seat is already gaining shape, to all the known and even undisclosed contestants of the coveted seat, one of the candidates stands out prominently among the candidates, he is Hon. Lugard Osuji. It is no longer news that the highly favour Hon. Lugard Osuji is contesting as the next house of Assembly member for Owerri Municipal state constituency.

He has resumé of gifted intelligence, hardwork, humility, loyalty and transparency. He can be trusted. He is generous, able, ready and very willing to help, wherever help is needed.

Hon. Lugard Osuji mingles freely with his constituents. Many people, however, affirm that Hon. Lugard Osuji is a good man. He believes that power comes from God.

Hon. Lugard's cradle was charaterized by humility, modesty and diligence.

Hon. Lugard is of the view that to be an intelligent and brilliant legislator, one has to first and foremost understand the fundamental and statutory responsibilities of legislative arm of government. Statutorily, going by the 1999 Constitution (As Amended), the functions of the Legislature are representation, lawmaking and oversight functions or monitoring of the implementation of the laws.

On those three scores, Hon. Lugard has been one of the most effervescent and remarkable House Member Owerri Municipal has ever produced.
He will be one of the most visible and is going to be amongst those who will speak regularly and forcefully in support of Bills and Motions That could ameliorate the lot of perpetually distressed from Imolites. And when the need arises, he will also speak against Bills that are oppressive and anti-masses.

For the State House, times are changing even as our entire polity is standing at the dawn of a new era. Creating the desirable new national order calls for intellect, sacrifice and determination.

It is on that backdrop that the good people of Owerri municipal Local Government Area have continued to insist that come 2019, Hon.Lugard Osuji will be voted in as the next House member representing Owerri municipal state constituency. Therefore, let every true sons and daughters of Owerri Municipal both indigenes and non-indigenes support him to go and exercise the good work for which he has good reputation.
Hon. Lugard Osuji is our man.
Together we can do it!
God bless us all.