This used to be the philosophy of many people until the penetrating light of insight cast its revealing beam on them jolting them out of their ignorance.

Among the sectors that have been predicted to possess great potential for profound economic development, massive employment of labour and geometric growth in GDP in Africa are technology, entertainment, media and agriculture.

The agricultural sector is a vast, multipronged industry that has huge capacity to put Africa on the map as one of the leading economies in the world. Statistics have shown that agriculture contributes 30% of Africa's GDP.

Unfortunately however, the progress of this sector is militated against by deluge of challenges which include: lack of credit facilities to farmers, high cost of farming equipment, stifling government policies and low motivation in the younger generation.

Practically speaking, agriculture transcends the routine activities that happen on the farm. It is interwoven with operations of many other sectors which serve as extensions. For instance, the advancement in digital technology has in no small way enhanced the way agriculture is practiced.

The development of mobile applications have enabled agric-based Ghanaian companies like Farmerline and Agrocenta to upscale their operations all geared towards increasing food sufficiency in the continent.

Machines and tools used in agricultural practices have to be designed and fabricated by a design engineer and a technician.

Governments sometimes make funds available to farmers through financial institutions like the Bank of Agriculture (BOA). Other financial institutions also provide loan facilities specifically for the sole purpose of increasing food safety and sufficiency.

But for the role of the transport system in moving agricultural produce from the point of production to the market, the purpose of food security would have been defeated.

The media, both mainstream and social plays a very critical role in enlightening and informing the public on the vault of potential the agricultural sector possesses in promoting food sustainability, employment generation, economic growth and social stability in Africa.

Finally, every professional can fit into either of the many opportunities that abound in agriculture. With the decline in the rate of food importation by various governments in Africa, home-grown methods of food production will be highly in demand. Therefore all hands should be on deck to foster a food sustainable climate for Africa and Africans.

Written by Derrick Ugwuegbu.

Derrick Ugwuegbu is a Public/inspirational speaker and content writer with focus on Purpose clarity, Communication/Public speaking, Entrepreneurship/Business, Personal development/Etiquette and Emotional mastery.

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