Powerful Moments from Ushers Conference 2018. Day One

Theme "Serving those that Serve the Lord"
The Word...
Speaker : Bro Emma Okorie
Topic : Serving Those That Serve The Lord
Text : Exodus 24:13-18

 God hates someone who does not believe in His ability.
- There's a way you present facts and it makes people's heart to jump into their stomach.
- We are in a spiritual journey and we want men of faith as ushers.
- The ushers are always sent out for spiritual warfare.
- Apostles and Prophets rule by vision.
- You can not serve on the alter and not feed from it not just physical food but God's glory.
- Whenever a man of God gets instruction from the mountain of God he hands it over to the ushers    (Numbers 27:16).

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