Linus Okorie Is Smashing The Old Order!

Linus Okorie - a Frontline Imo Gubernatorial Aspirant under the platform of Young Progressive Party (YPP)  is smashing the old order!

Linus Okorie is a renowned leadership development coach and human capital development consultant

Linus Okorie recently had a leadership training section with the Nigeria Army in Markudi Benue State. Where he spoke on The four Global Leadership Systems.
It was a wonderful training session with the  military echelons

The leadership guru has all it takes to provide leadership. He has inspired over 300,000 people across Nigeria and Africa who have directly gone through his leadership programmes and millions through radio and television.

Having modelled leadership for several years, he has offered himself for the top job and is coming prepared.


Come 2019, A new normal is possible.

He is the President Guardians of the nations International. Managing Consultant  New Visions Consults.

He is the leader of  IMO Nkeanyi Movement.
Imo Nkeanyi is a soco-political movement founded by a group of Imo State born technocrats and professionals lead by Linus Okorie.  The Imo Nkeanyi concept was born out of the desire to end the continuous economic empowerment of a few people while majority of Ndi Imo are in abject poverty. The central ideology of Imo Nkeanyi is to foster a sense of belonging and collective ownership of the resources and wealth that belongs to Imo State.

The purpose of Imo Nkeanyi I'd to mobilize the good people of Imo State across the twenty seven local government areas, around Nigeria and the diaspora and building a political structure that is solid. This will usher in a new system of governance in Imo based on sound principles of leadership and a heavy focus on service for the highest welfare of the common good.

Imo Nkeanyi is designed to enthrone (on a perpetual basis) the right crop of visionary leadership, every electoral year in the State.  It must ensure that the prosperity of the Imo Nkeanyi government will spread evenly and help Imo Citizen come out of poverty and have a great life. It is our Imo for the prosperity of all of us.

Transparency in government.
Economic prosperity that's enviable.
Civil service that works.
Peaceful coexistence in a state blessed with so much.
Those and many more are what Linus Okorie's Candidature brings.

We are working towards a unified Imo State.

An Imo Zone Governor, burdened by the development of all zones, is what Imo State needs.

We've been pained by the emergence of Governors who sidetrack zones, perhaps due to few votes cast. That's totally despicable.

Imo State is our Imo State. It's our home and building our home is paramount in all we do.