Walking in the fullness of God by Pst Emmanuel Itua

The Sunday service at First Love Assembly Owerri, was super anointed.  A wave of anointed praise and worship swept over the auditorium.  Throughout the worship session, the congregation were engulfed in a cloud of God's presence.

Pastor Emmanuel Itua preached  a thought-provoking message. Taking his text from Col 4:12
Ministering on the topic : Walking In The Fullness of God.

Urging the brethren ;

"You know the things willed to you when you are full of God and His Spirit. Eph 5:16-18. Being full of His Spirit is to be in tune with God. To be in tune with God, You must be a student of the word and a man of the Spirit. It is a deliberate action. "

Fullness is God's destination for you. To settle for less makes you a mediocre. Fullness is a journey, you have to keep adding to it.

Zeal without commitment is a dead end. Zeal must translate to action on your part.
1. Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead. Col 1:19, Col 2:9
2. God is a God of fullness. Deut 33:16. 1 Chr 16:32. You can't deplete the resources of God.
3. The gospel of Christ is a total package. Rom 15:29, John 10:10. The gospel of Jesus is a complete package.
4. The promises of God has the fullness of time attached to it. Gal 4:4. When the fullness of time comes on the promises of God, nothing can stop it. There is a fullness of time.

What do we need to fight against?;
1. Fight against unbelief in your life. Heb 4:1-3, Num 14:21-24
2. Fight mediocrity. Mediocrity is the enemy called average. Average is settling for the common place instead of the high place. Average is the place of convenience instead of sacrifice. Mediocrity will make you settle for comfort not character. It will make you settle for passing pleasures instead of lasting riches. Ps 16:11
3. Fight stagnation. Stagnation is a state where you remain in one spot. Don't stay in one spot if God has not commanded it. Stagnation is holding the past with your two hands. Stagnation is not going backward and not moving forward. Phil 3:13. Stagnation is refusing to change when you need to change. Change may be painful but it's worth it. It makes you relevant. You want to experience the fullness of God, change from your stagnant way.
4. Fight emptiness. Always go back to God. Go back to His presence. Don't stay dry and empty and be comfortable.
5. Fight contamination. Contamination will ruin you. Opening yourself up for infiltration of the enemy is death. Eph 5:11-13. Even the association you keep can contaminate you. Contamination will decrease your potency, it will reduce your fullness.

1. Lord deliver us from every form of stagnation and contamination.
2. All that You have willed for me, I press into it today. I stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.
3. Lord revive me. Wherever I have been depleted, let my inner man be revived by Your Spirit.
4. Lord bring me to my high places. Bring me to my rest.